Advantages of LED Grow Lights

Lighting Source for Indoor Plants

Incandescent bulbs, fluorescent tubes and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are common sources of artificial light utilized by thousands of gardeners worldwide.

Out of these, LED grow light is the best option to give artificial lighting to plants for their survival and growth, offering an entire spectrum of light for all growth phases.

Due to portability and full control over the color and light duration shone over plants, these grow lights have played a significant part in the change of conventional growing. The most common example of such a scenario is an indoor grow tent.

Advantages of LED Grow Lights

Regarding the future of farming technology, LED lights tend to take the lead due to their many advantages over other types of lighting.

Fast Harvest Cycle

With LED grow light, you can provide your plants with lights for up to 24 hours a day. You are the one to decide whether your plants will be receiving light during the day and at night. That is a great way to maximize the rate at which your plants can grow.

LEDs make it possible to have multiple harvests in one season with auto-flowering plants. You can alter or adjust how many times the plants can produce flowers, thus increasing your harvest.

Full Spectrum

A key benefit of using LEDs is the huge spectrum of energy they give. When you opt for LED, you won’t have to worry about switching off lights as your plants develop through their growth cycle. Furthermore, you can set up a system that is specifically tailored to the type of plant you grow.

Cooler Temperatures

LED grow lights significantly run cooler compared to HID lamps. HID setups can become extremely hot, putting plants at risk of damage by heat. Furthermore, they can become fire hazards if they are used in small spaces.

Targeted Wavelength

Another advantage of LED grow light is that you can regulate and control the light’s wavelength. You don’t have to bother about the plants not getting the correct photosynthesis necessary for growth since you can use your LED grow light. With conventional lights, the green and yellow wavelengths are often produced, and too much of this can cause the plants to weaken or turn yellow. But this is not with LEDs since they give the plants the correct amount of light spectrum required.

Benefits of Running Grow Tomatoes Seedlings Under Grow Lights

There are many benefits of using the appropriate lighting for your seedlings. Here are some of the main ones:

Strong and healthy seedlings: The key benefit of using artificial lights is that your tomatoes seedlings will be much healthier and more robust. Furthermore, they will stay more compact than they would when sitting near a sunny window.

Better Survival Rate: When you offer sufficient light, you will find that the survival rate of your seedlings is much higher. Hence, you will not have to plant extra to cover the weak ones you would have lost.

Prevents Leggings: The best way to prevent seedlings from growing tall and stingy is to provide adequate lighting.
Grow seeds anywhere in your house: Another benefit is that you can place seedlings anywhere in the house. You have not to worry about putting them in a room that receives tons of natural light.

Easy Time: Giving proper lighting to seedlings will make your life much easier. By using a timer, you can set it and forget it, rather than having to monitor and rotate your pots continuously.

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