Can You Grow Tomatoes In a Grow Tent?

Tomatoes grown in a grow tent offer fresh and unique tasting tomatoes all year round. However, growing tomatoes in a grow tent is not a walk in the park.

Tomatoes can survive in cold temperatures and 8 hours of light daily. Temperatures between 71-79 degrees will give the suitable condition for better yield. During the initial stages of germination, you should provide the seedling with at least 12 hours of sunlight daily. After 3-5 weeks, light exposure should be increased to 14-16 hours for the next 2-3 weeks. In the later stages, you can reduce light to 10 hours.

Can You Grow Tomatoes In a Grow Tent

Seed sowing should be done in starter trays with a good soil mixture. You should maintain a 3-4 mm depth and a distance of 6 cm between the seeds. You should use foil or plastic wrap to cover starter trays after sowing to conserve moisture and heat. Germination will be after 5-10 days of sowing. You might read our latest review on the top grow light for tomatoes indoors.

Only the healthy seedlings should be transplanted when they achieve 1-2 leaves. Before planting, you should pulverize the soil enough for the establishment of a proper rooting system. When using hydroponic, you should maintain adequate spacing for root establishment.

You must provide the correct dose of macronutrients and micronutrients after every two weeks. The nutrients play a significant role in the cellular functioning and metabolic activities of tomatoes.

To grow tomatoes, you will need a bigger tent to grow them. It’s uneconomical to grow less than 20 tomatoes plants in a grow tent. However, you can grow a few tomatoes of the dwarf varieties in your tent. The dwarf variety grows 7 to 10 inches in height. They include;

  • Mohamed
  • Yellow canary
  • Vilma
  • Andrin
  • Yellow dwarf
  • Orange hat

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12 Types of Tomatoes That Grow Well Indoor

Generally, there are two types of tomatoes, determinate and indeterminate. Determinate are small and primarily bushy suitable in a limited space. Indeterminate is a type that climbs and needs a trellis-they produce a lot of fruits and ripen very fast.

 Also, determinate and indeterminate tomatoes can either be heirlooms or hybrids. Heirloom varieties include;

Baxter’s Early Bush

This is a type of determinate tomato that ripens in 70-72 days. They produce cherry-red fruits and are usually one and a half inches around—Baxter ripe early.


They are also determinate tomatoes that take 50 days. They are small, bright red fruits. They weigh up to 5 ounces.

Tips for growing tomatoes indoor!

Silvery Fir Tree

 They are determinate tomatoes that take 55-60 days. They are orange or red, small fruits that are 3 inches across.

Pink Ping Pong

The tomatoes are named from their ping pong balls resemblance. They are a cherry-pinked indeterminate type of tomatoes that takes 75 days. The tomatoes are one and a quarter inches round.

Tommy Toe

Tommy toe is a cherry, indeterminate type of tomato. They take 70 days and are bright red fruits.

Yellow Pear

 It is an indeterminate type that takes 71 days. They have pear-shaped cherry and are bright yellow, sizing one and a half inches around.

Indoor hybrid tomatoes are of a different type. They are;

Orange Pixie Tomatoes

Orange pixies are large cherry, determinate tomatoes that take 52 days to grow. They are yellow- orange-sized one and three-quarters inches.


The patio is determinate tomatoes that take 70 days to produce red fruits. They are 2 inches round.

Red Robin

Red Robin is one and a quarter inches. This type of determinate tomato is red and takes 55 days.

Small Fry

Determinate kind taking 65 days producing red fruits Small fry are resistant to VFN. They are red cherry and one inch round.

Tiny Tim

 It is a determinate variety that takes 60 days and is bright red—the size between half to three-quarter inches.


Determinate tomatoes that take 70 days. They are crimson red and one inch round.

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