Best Fan for Grow Tent

The best fan for grow tents helps in regulating various health crucial processes of the grow tents. The circulation fan will help you get your plants maximum growth without wasting your money and time.

The grow room fans play a crucial role in maintaining humidity, temperature, oxygenation, and airflow in your grow tent. Circulation fans also save your plants from insects and pests and inhibit fungus and mold growth in the grow tent.

In other words, you can say that without a circulation fan for a grow tent; you can risk the life of your plants. At the end of the day, your whole setup fails.

If you have made your mind pick the right fan for your grows room, then we are here for help.

Quick view of our top 5 picks:

best grow room fan reviews

The 5 Best Circulation Fan For Grow Tent

1. Honeywell TurboForce Fan for Grow Tent

best noiseless fan for grow room

A modern age required modern inventions for the comfortability of a luxury life. Honeywell turbo force fan with 35 watts power, which means it consumes a little power. Moreover, it has 3-speed options and has the ability to throw air in the range of 25 feet.

The most important thing is the circulation of air, and cooled air has to be circulated in the room to pivot at the angle of 90, so you can set towards any direction. It is 25% noiseless than other circulation fans.

You can use it in your bedroom, offices and in grow tents. It can also be used as an extraction fan in the grow tent for maintaining proper air temperature, humidity, and freshness for enhancing its yield.

Its 90-degree angle pivot will allow it to move in different directions so that you can use it for a little bit of a large area for better circulation of air. You can say that it is the best air circulating fan for grow tent for all of these reasons.

Product Features:

  • Best fan for small or medium rooms or grow tents. Its turbo force power throws cool air 25 feet away for the circulation of fresh air properly.
  • 35-watt power can save your summer bills up to 20%. Because it works as an air conditioner with consuming little energy
  • In winter it will save your energy by taking the place of bulbs. Set its thermostat at the heating side. Usually, a bulb consumes 110 watts, and it will consume only 35 watts.
  • Turbo force technology is also a great edge for its consumers. 25% quieter than these types of fans.


  • Easy to place or can be mounting
  • Maximum throw up to 25 feet away.
  • The 3-speed operator circulation fan for grow tent.
  • Turbo force power
  • Quieter and comfortable.


  • The cord is not too long.

2. Genesis Clip Convertible Table-Top Fan

Convertible circulation clip fan

If you are looking for a sturdy fan for your grow tent and an energy-efficient fan, this is the best convertible fan for you. Genesis has 6 inches in size and could be used for a bedroom, office table, at any corner of your home or in the grow tent for maintaining proper temperature and humidity level.

Moreover, it has a fully adjustable head to move and set in any direction and be pointed to a certain point to cool.

Rotating 360-degree neck allows the fan to rotate and throw air in any direction—tough plastic used for its construction that could last for years. Noise is the main factor while picking up the best convertible table or wall-mounted fans.

The Genesis 6 inch clip convertible fan has 2-speed options with a smooth and less noisy operation. Type grills help the air to rotate it aerodynamically. Overall, Genesis 6-Inch Table-Top Fan is one of the best clip fan for grow tent on our list.

Product Features:

  • It’s a quiet fan with a 2-speed adjustment. You can use this fan without disturbing the other person.
  • Dual mounting options allow the users to set according to their needs. Very easy to switch from one to another mounted system
  • A moveable head allows you to use more than 1 person. You can rotate it according to your need.
  • It is best compatible with places; you can place it on the floor, on the table, and mounted on the wall to save more space.
  • The fan’s outer grill has the best aerodynamic design offer to swirl the air and enhance the hot air turns to cold air.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Compact
  • Powerful


  • Little noisy
Genesis 6 inch fans review

3. Amazon Basics Grow Room Fan

Amazon Basics Small Room Fan

Stay cool in all the tough routines of your work with amazon basics 3-speed and the best fan for small room air circulation. The fan impressively offers maximum airflow while remaining a highly energy-efficient fan. You can add this small AmazonBasics fan to your grow tent, office, in your studio, or small apartment.

The overall material of the fan is plastic, and it offers 3 variable speed options. Moreover, there is a back-mounted control on the fan. The fan has 55-watt power consumption, and it has a 90-degree variable tilted head. The speed settings vary from low, medium to high.

Overall it is an efficient and convenient fan that has a plastic body and can clean easily.

Product Features:

  • The size of the fan is 11 inches, and it is a circulating floor fan.
  • It is a great tool to increase the airflow of your small apartments and office.
  • The circulating fan has 120 voltage and 55-watt power consumption.
  • The head of the fan is tilted, and it has a 90-degree additional accuracy.
  • Moreover, it is a lightweight and study circulating fan.


  • 3 variable speed settings
  • Tilted head
  • Convenient and efficient


  • Little pricey

4. Vornado 660 Large Room Fan

best Air Circulator Fan for large grow tent

Vornado 660 is the latest-generation air circulation fan for medium and large rooms or halls. It is the best and upgraded model of the Varnado fans. Noticeable design with sleek grill and matt black finish. The Vornado 660 is the best fan for large space and has the ability to throw air almost 100 ft away.

Also, can its chrome glide bar help to rotate at an angle of 90 degrees? Easy adjustment for setting the direction of airflow of the fan.

Push-button allows the user easy access to the control and selects the desired speed from 4 different speed options. Detach its grill to access its fan blade for maintenance and cleaning purposes. Overall, It is one of the best air circulation for large and medium grow tents.

Product Feature:

  • Its powerful throw provides quick air circulation in the room halls, or any grow tent.
  • A 4-speed control push button will allow you to choose your desired fan speed.
  • Its aerodynamic shape and spiral grill will help you to throw cool air 100 ft away
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty, which is the best customer support from the Vornado company.
  • It has a sleek design with a beautiful grill, also for the movement of multiple directions equipped with chrome bars.


  • Easy adjustments
  • 100 ft throw power
  • 4-speed control push button
  • 5-year warranty
  • Elegant design


  • Only support US voltages

5. Hurricane Wall Mount Fan For Grow Tent

oscillating Fan For Grow Tent

Here we have an affordable circulating fan. It is a wall mount fan whose position is adjustable, and you can easily change the fan’s direction. The wall mount fan has 3 variable speed options. Moreover, the fan has a powerful motor and can create a cool breeze in your small, grow tent, offices, and apartments.

It is a cord control wall mount fan. With the pull of the cord, you can turn the fan on and off easily. The second pull cord is for adjustments of oscillation for ideal airflow. The construction of the fan is durable.

Moreover, the fan has a steel support neck with a metal fan grill. Undoubtedly, this is the best oscillating fan for grow tents in the current market.

Product Features:

  • It has 3 variable speed options, and the wall mount fan has a 16-inch area.
  • The material of the fan is durable. There is the use of a strong steel neck for the support of the fan.
  • The fan has a lock-in position, and you can use it for your garage, homes, gyms, and small apartments.
  • The fan has a 90-degree oscillation, and you can easily change the position with the cord’s help.
  • It is an ETL certified fan for safety and quality.


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • ETL certified


  • Loud

Why do you need a fan for grow tent?

If you have a grow tent and want to take proper care of your plants and flowers, you definitely need the best grow room circulation fans. Here we will explain some important reasons why there is a need for a circulation fan for a grown tent.


Many pants require a proper airflow for their proper growth. The proper oxygenation is important for the normal growth of your plants. The proper airflow will mix up the oxygen and carbon dioxide in the grow tent and help in the plants’ normal oxygen distribution.

Moreover, if you have marijuana plants in your grow tent, then a circulation fan can help a lot in the photosynthesis process. The fan will move all the gases in the grow tent all around, and there will be an even distribution of the gases.

Humidity control:

The other reason for having a circulation fan in a grow tent is the proper control of humidity in your tent. As we know, there is a need for proper humidity for the growth of some plants. A circulation fan will help in controlling the temperature, and humidity level in the grow tent.

The fan will provide maximum airflow and proper ventilation and control the humidity level of your grow tent. If you have cannabis plants, you should know that a high humidity level can cause trouble. In this situation, a circulation fan should be your priority.

For control fungus and mold

If you have some experience growing tents, you are already aware of the fungus and mold issue. The best environment for the growth of fungus and mold is the high temperature. Moreover, the growth of the fungus and mold also increases in more humidity.

Here a circulation fan will help you a lot. It will help control the temperature of the grow tent and control the humidity level.

To control pests

Another benefit of a circular fan in a grow tent is the control on pests. The spiders and mites can invade our plants and affect their growth. A circulation fan with its proper breezing keeps such pests away from our plants.

How to Choose The Best Fan for Grow Tent

Remember you will buy a circulation fan for the proper care and health of your plants in the grow tents. So always try to pick the right one for you. A wrong choice will not lead you to waste money, but you can also risk your plants’ health.

In our buying guide of best air circulation fan for grow tent, we will consider some important points to consider for the right choice.

Variable Speed:

A fan for the grow tent always has a variable speed option. The variable speed options will allow you to change the speed of the fan according to your desire. Moreover, you can also change the speed according to the weather condition in your area.

In general, fans for grow tents come in 3 variable speed options; low, medium, and high. So always try to pick the fan with variable speed options.

The Diameter of The Fan:

The other thing to look for is the diameter of the fan. For the set up of ducts and inline, there is a need for specific opening sizes. Here the duct opening of the grow tents should match the diameter of your fan.

This will actually help you in the easy installation process, and a compatible fan for your grow tent.

Generally, the grow tent ducts have 8,6, and 4-inch openings. So the duct’s opening should match the diameter of your fan. However, if you still find any issue with the installment, you can use converters.


To check the quality, you can look at the material and durable construction of the fan. You can check the material of the fan and can also find certifications from some formal bodies. For example, you can check the certification of quality from ETL, ULC, and CSA.


Some fans have zero noise level. However, such fans are pricey. . Furthermore, a powerful fan will be noisier. So is it a good idea to pick a loud fan to grow a tent? Absolutely not. Try to pick a choice that has a balance in power and noise.

This feature should be considered, especially if you have a living area near your grow tent. The reason is a loud fan will make you and your family uncomfortable.


Another thing to consider is the size of the grows tent. For instance, if your grow tent’s size is large, then a large volume fan is your need. On the other hand, if you have a small grow tent, you can take help from a small circulation fan.

Oscillating angles:

If you want a fan with maximum movement, then consider the oscillating angle of the fan. Some fans come with a 90-degree oscillating angle, some with a 360-degree oscillating angle.

You can easily adjust the fan direction according to your needs. You can adjust the fan’s position on any side of your plants to achieve the goal of maximum growth.


As we mentioned earlier, the fan’s diameter should be compatible with the diameter of your grow tent inline ducts. This feature will take you towards easy installation. For easy installation, you can also consider some types that are super easy to install.

For instance, there are wall-mounted and standing circulation fans.

Moreover, you can also select the fan type according to the nature of your grow tent.

Price of the fan:

The price of every circulation fan for the grow tent is variable. You can buy under $50 and can also pick an expensive one. The choice totally depends on your budget. Just consider some important and useful features before purchasing the product when you don’t have so much cash.

FAQs on Grow Room Fan

Q. Should I leave my fan on when the lights are off?

Usually, as the oscillation and extraction fans are on during light hours, same as the dark, two fans are necessary for proper ventilation. Most plant pathologists suggest that during dark hours 3 fans should be running.

One is the intake fan for fetching fresh air, and the 2nd one is the best circulation fan for the grow tent, and the third one is the extraction fan to eliminate hot air from the grow tent.

After one hour of the dark, turn off all other fans running during the light hours. Read more about the best LED grow light for 3×3 grow tent.

Q. Should you put a fan on seedlings?

Fans are providing good air circulation in the surroundings of the seedlings. Fans should not be pointed directly towards the seeds. The only purpose of the fan is to provide a cool breeze to the seeds.

Try to turn on your fans in the seedlings tent 24/7. It will make your seeds quickly grow and help you to grow better. Moreover, fans provide resistance from diseases and make the seeds stronger and grow well.

Q. Is leaving a fan on a fire hazard?

Cleaning and proper maintenance of fans are the most important thing that should be considered. Otherwise, it will be a potential fire hazard. Fans motors are covered with visible accumulation called lint that would cause overheating of motors. Ignition will be produced, and lint will burn.

Also, fan blades and grills are usually plastic material. So that it is not unsafe to turn on fans in the grow tent 24/7. Perform scheduled cleaning and maintenance for better safety.

Q. How do I circulate air in my grow room?

Air circulation is an essential part of a grow tent or grow room. There are different kinds of tools that should be placed in the grow tent, but 3 essential fans are necessary. Intake fan, room fan, and extractor fan. These three fans provide proper ventilation and airflow for the better growth of plants and seeds.


Air circulation fans are widely used for proper ventilation and fresh air of rooms and grow tents. Moreover, they are differentiated by their power, sizes, and quality. So you have to pick wisely. The fan you choose should have all the required features for the growth and beneficiary of your grow tent.

As we mentioned earlier, the best choice can produce quick and efficient results. On the other hand, a wrong choice can risk all your setup. So pick wisely.

Our review’s main aim is to help you pick the air circulation fan that is powerful and featured with all essential features. If you pick any from our list, we ensure you will enjoy durability and quality.

Now the choice is all yours. Consider your personal requirements for growing the tent and purchasing the best circulation fan for grow tent.

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