What Shoes to Wear When Mowing The Lawn?

lawn mowing shoes

Did you know? Lawn mowing could be a cheerful task if you know better about what shoes to wear when mowing the lawn? Be ready to mow your lawn without injured feet.

If you’re a passionate gardener? And your lawn beauty always mesmerizes your soul. Without any doubt, you will be a better caretaker of your lawn. But mowing the lawn always ends up in extreme tiredness. Because lawn mowing requires much time and effort.

However, it is essential to cut off hedges and grass to maintain the charm of the lawn. Therefore, everyone going to mow the lawn should know what shoes to wear cutting grass? Because your feet are more prone to the mower bladder.

Did you know? Every year thousands of people visit foot and ankle surgeons for foot injuries due to lawnmowers. If you’re one of those or using a mower on a regular basis. Then, this piece of reading is here to address you to secure your feet.

According to a survey report in the US, people earning more than 200,000 dollars spend more than 20% of their income on lawn activities. So, if you’re spending your money on the maintenance of the lawn. Then, you also need to protect your feet from injuries by wearing mower shoes.

Of course, mower shoes will not only protect your feet but also provide comfort to complete the mowing task with pleasure. Let’s discuss the comfort associated with mowing shoes

What shoes to wear when mowing the lawn?

Although lawn mowing is a hectic task that needs your potential. But if you’re wearing comfortable shoes. Then, you will enjoy mowing your lawn without any fear. In fact, most people wear common footwear or tennis shoes during lawn mowing. Meanwhile, the mower bladder could wreak havoc on your regular footwear.

So, a pair of mower shoes will work better than ordinary shoes. However, choosing a pair of mower shoes would be a challenging task. But if you know what shoes to wear mowing the lawn? Then, it would be easy for you to select a perfect pair of shoes from a diverse range of products.

7 Main Features of Lawn Mowing Shoes

Here are seven main features that will help you to realize what shoes to wear mowing the lawn?

1. Material of shoes

The most important feature of mowing shoes is their material. Because mowing shoes means facing rough conditions on the lawn. As well as, mowing shoes sometimes behave as a shield for your feet against mower blades.

Moreover, a comfortable soft sole of shoes will lessen your tiredness. Most people prefer to wear rubber soles because of their higher comfort level. However, leather will provide more durability than synthetic materials.

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2. Waterproof

Most importantly, mower shoes should have waterproof surfaces. Because sometimes you need to mow on wet grasses. So, a waterproof surface will protect your feet from weather fluctuations.

3. Size of shoes

Size is also a considerable feature before going to buy mower shoes. In that regard, you have to consider two main things within your mind.

Firstly, you have to buy shoes that have the exact size of your feet. As well as, the area for toes should be wide.

Secondly, you have to consider your plants and grass length in your mind. If you always have to mow long grasses and plants then, get long boots that could cover your calf too. But, if you feel comfortable with the short boot. Then get a lower rubber boot for lower grasses.

4. Breathable footwear

Note that, before buying mowing shoes you also need to check breathability. Because during warm weather conditions your feet need air too. Prefer shoes with better breathable air mesh. As it would absorb all moisture of your feet to promote foot aeration.

5. Traction

Shoes with anti-slipping surfaces and higher traction flooring would provide you a better grip. Because mostly your lawn grants wet conditions due to dew drops or rain. So, better traction within your rubber shoes will provide you comfort for long hours to work consistently.

6. Toe cap

The toe cap is also an essential feature that will immune your toes from injuries and infections. Prefer a pair of shoes with a toe cap to withstand rough conditions.

7. Easy to wear

Mower shoes should be easy to wear and remove. So, you can easily put off shoes and could wear them easily during your break. Always prefer lightweight mowing shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it okay to use regular shoes for mowing?

Yes, it’s completely fine to use regular shoes for mowing that you have. Because it’s not compulsory to wear only mowing shoes. But if you want to do lawn mowing for long hours confidently. Then, mowing shoes will help you to work for long hours. As mowing shoes are designed by considering all the tough conditions of the lawn. That’s why it is better to get a pair of mowing shoes that will worth your every penny.

Can we use the same mowing shoes for summer and winter?

Yes, you can use a single pair of mowing shoes for all seasons. Because the sole design of mowing shoes offers warmth during winter. Meanwhile, the breathable air mesh promotes proper foot aeration during summer.

How often can I mow my lawn in a week?

You have to mow your lawn once a week. Because mowing one-third of leaf blades will be enough. So, try to avoid excessive mowing that could be unhealthy for your lawn grass.

Can I mow the lawn without wearing shoes?

No, because it will result in severe injury to your feet. As everyone knows a mower is a grass-cutting tool that uses blades to trim the grass. So, you have to work carefully for lawn mowing. Therefore, proper footwear will enable you to work comfortably.


Now, you can have a better idea about what shoes to wear mowing the lawn? Hopefully, you got a satisfactory answer. Because before buying you have to know about specific features of shoes. So, you could end up buying the ideal footwear for your feet. As mowing requires time and patience. This will be possible by wearing comfortable shoes to withstand all rugged conditions of the lawn.

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