What Can Hedge Trimmers Cut?

uses of Hedge Trimmers

A hedge trimmer is a tool designed to cut off excess hedge growth and shape a hedge in a variety of geometric designs – that’s the basic answer for what’s a hedge trimmer.

But what can hedge trimmers cut? Well, the answer is they can cut a lot more things than they are designed to. In simple words, a hedge trimmer is quite a powerful machine. Depending on the size, it could be powerful enough to easily cut through a 30mm tree stem. And that’s how people get confused.

The machine is designed to cut leaves and stems with intense power. You can cut through solid tree branches too. However, they’re not designed to do that. The misconception starts from here.

It’s important that you not only know the capabilities of this machine to make the best use of it but also its limitations. This way, you won’t make a mistake and destroy a usable hedge trimmer. We’ll discuss everything you need to know, from starting with what they can cut to how to take care of them, in this guide.

Uses of a Hedge Trimmer

A good hedge trimmer can be used to cut a variety of plants. It’s important to use them only for the work they were designed to do and avoid using as a universal tree maintenance machine. Let’s see how they can be useful;

Trimming Hedge

As the name says, this machine is for trimming hedges. You can easily make a geometric shape by cutting the tree leaves and soft stems in a straight or in any geometric shape you like.

Some people like to keep their garden trees in a specific shape. Some like geometric shapes, while few prefer a rectangular cut. Whatever the goal is, trimming a hedge with a hedge trimmer is so much easier than it is with other tools.

Trimming Plant Soft Parts

Can you use a hedge trimmer to cut branches? Yes, you can, but that’s not what the machine was designed for. The blades of the trimmer aren’t strong enough to cut through hard wood branches. You’ll end up with uneven cuts on the branches, and your trimmer is likely to get damaged. You don’t want that to happen, right?

Cutting Tree Branches with Hedge Trimmers

Hedge trimmers, depending on the size, can be quite powerful that it may seem like they can cut through thick tree branches with ease. The misconception comes mainly from their large size. They kinda look like chainsaws, and it’s not strange to think of these two as the same, at least for someone who isn’t clear about them.

But the truth is this; there’s a reason behind making different tools when you can possibly use one – even though it might be nonsensical – to do every task you have. You can use a kitchen knife to cut a tree branch. It’d be hard, but it’s not impossible. But someone with basic knowledge isn’t likely to try that.

Because every tool is made for a purpose, and that purpose is specific. Yes, some tools are universal, and they’re more like do-whatever-you-can with them. But a hedge trimmer isn’t one of them. It’s designed for one simple thing. If you try to use it as a multipurpose device, you risk damaging the trimmer in some ways.

A hedge trimmer is designed to cut tree leaves, soft twigs, branches, and the bush part of a plant. You can use a hand saw or a chainsaw to cut through the thick branches of a tree. Or, if you like, you can get a pole saw to get the best cutting experience. Pole saws come in a variety of sizes, andyou can choose one easily.

If you’re asking what size branch can a hedge trimmer cut? Then know this; if the twigs are below 30 mm in diameter, a hedge trimmer will be fine. Just make sure that the branch’s thickness matches that of the trimmer blade. Otherwise, there’s a high risk of the blade over-torquing and getting blunt.

Can a Hedge Trimmer Cut Ivy?

Yes,easily. As a matter of fact, it’s better to use a hedge trimmer to cut thick grasses like ivy than to use a lawnmower.

There are two major benefits you get by choosing a hedge trimmer;

First, the trimmer is so much quicker than a lawnmower. Lawnmowers seem to take forever. They have small blades and sometimes need overlapped cutting to make sure the trimming is smooth and even. Herein, a hedge trimmer performssuper-fast.

The second advantage is the ability to cover a huge surface with a hedge trimmer. A lawnmower, because of the small working area, takes more time covering an area that a trimmer can do with just a single swing. Because a trimmer is quite long, you’ll end up moving less with it than you’d with a lawnmower.

Will a Hedge Trimmer Cut Briars?

By all means,some people think using a hedge trimmer to cut briars is overblowing because they can be easily cut with a machete and large blades. However, using a hedge trimmer has some benefits and if you’re comfortable with this machine, go for it. Nothing gives the smooth cutting experience like this does.

How to Trim Holly Bushes with Hedge Trimmer?

A holly bush can look really lovely if maintained well and kept in shape. Uneven holly bush looks nice too, but it doesn’t stand a chance with a nicely kept one.

Start with cutting the large leaves of the holly bush with the trimmer. This won’t take much time. Once the outer leaves come into a shape, start trimming the smaller leaves with the trimmer.Take your time to cut them evenly.

Small leaves will take more time to straighten up, but it’ll look much cleaner once you do it.

Final Words

If you’ve read through the guide, you can expect yourself to know some basics on what hedge trimmers can cut as well as how you can use a hedge trimmer best. Knowing both the strengths and problems of this machine will enable you to use this machine in the best possible ways, increasing the lifespan and durability.

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