How to Set a Pocket Gopher Trap?

how to set a pocket gopher trap

With the change in weather conditions, gophers become active. Pocket gophers are the most widespread species of gophers. Actually, they have small pouches in their cheeks called pockets. Gophers used these pockets to transport food. They are herbivores and eat plants. So, their eating habits can be dangerous and destroy your whole garden in no time. You must also aware of the fact that they can also destroy the water lines and cables in your garden. So, if a gopher has entered your garden, it can waste all your hard work. 

You can use different strategies to get rid of gopher. However, using a good gopher trap is the best idea. In this article, we’ll tell you how to set a pocket gopher trap? But before going to the main content, you must know how a gopher eats your plant?

How a Gopher eat your plants?

In this section, we’ll let you know how a gopher eats your plant. This understanding will help you know whether pocket gopher is eating your plants or any other species. A gopher can eat your plants in three ways:

  • They can eat the roots of your plants.
  • They can move out of their tunnels for some time and take some plants with them.
  • They can also pull the plants from below the surface and can take them to their tunnels. 

Now, let’s move to our main concern of this article “How to set a pocket gopher trap?”

How to set a pocket gopher trap?

If you’re new to gardening and worried about pocket gopher trap, don’t worry. We’ll guide you on how to set a pocket gopher trap? You just have to follow every step to set a pocket gopher trap. Let’s start with every step in detail. 

1- Wear gloves

  • Use a pair of latex gloves
  • Never forget as safety comes first

2- Locate the tunnel

  • Probe the earth with a metal rod 
  • You can also use a screwdriver
  • Continue until the probe penetrate the ground
  • The main tunnel can be 6-12 inches deep
  • The tunnel can be deeper sometimes

3- Choose the location for the trap

  • Locate all the holes in the tunnel carefully
  • Can also dig a hole to the tunnel
  • Use a knife for digging the hole
  • You can also use a small spade or a towel for hole digging
  • Remove loose soil from the tunnel

4- Have all the accessories of trap

  • Attach a chain or a tether. It’ll not allow the trap to get pulled into the tunnel.
  • You can also trap a light chain in the base of the trap.

5- Know all the components of the trap

  • Know all the parts of the trap to avoid injury
  • A trap has the following parts:
  • Setting rods
  • Trap jaws
  • Base
  • Jaw platform
  • Trip plate

6- Set the trap

  • Position the trap’s jaw away from your body
  • Position the trip plate towards your body
  • Depress the center plat flat with two thumbs
  • Make sure both jaws and trip plates are pivoted under the base
  • Slide one thumb at a time on the horizontal part of trap jaws
  • Make sure the trap stays open
  • Check again that the jaws are under the base or not

7- Adjust Setting rods 

  • Press the rods to be near the trip plate
  • Remove the thumbs carefully from the jaws
  • Make sure setting rods are depresses
  • If the rods are not depressed, the trap will not work correctly

8- Set sensitivity 

  • To set up sensitivity, move the trip plates 
  • Push right to increase sensitivity
  • Push left to decrease sensitivity 
  • Swivel the trip plate upward to have the rods end under it
  • Make sure setting rods are not released in this process

9- Place the trap

  • Place the trap onto the gopher hole immediately
  • The gopher will climb the jaws and will press the trip plate
  • Place the trap such that it’s inside the tunnel
  • Block the tunnel with some dirt
  • Make sure light is not entering the tunnel


  • You should use the set trap immediately; otherwise, disarm it with a stick. An armed gopher trap can be dangerous.
  • Put some peanut butter behind the trap

10- Remove animals

  • Check the trap on the next day
  • Remove animals

Final thoughts…!!!

I hope you’ve got enough information to know how to set a pocket Gopher trap. You just have to follow all the steps in the same way. Further, stay safe during the whole process as it can be a risky process. 

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