Leaf Vacuum vs. Mulching Mower

With today’s modern innovations, machines can now perform several functions, so owning one would already be enough to complete several chores.

Leaf Vacuum vs Lawn Mower for mulching

Two such machines that often come with a variety of useful functions are leaf vacuums and lawnmowers. Since both of these machines are useful for your garden’s maintenance needs, you might feel like owning both can be impractical. This is especially true since leaf vacuums and lawnmowers can already perform similar tasks.

In this article, we’ll break down the differences between these machines to help you decide which will best suit your needs.

As to Purpose

From a more general perspective, there is a big difference between a leaf vacuum and a mulching lawnmower. 

Leaf vacuums are often improved leaf blowers, so their main purpose is to clear out fallen leaves and similar debris from your yard. This may either be through blowing it towards a tarp or by vacuuming them into an attached collection bag.

However, some leaf blowers now have an additional mulching function that helps shred the leaves into smaller pieces to prepare them as mulch. This helps save up on space and prepare them for bagging or compost.

On the other hand, lawn mowers are used to trim grass evenly. It uses rotating blades to trim the top off of your turf to make sure that all of the leaves are of the same height.

New lawnmowers now have vacuuming options that help collect the grass trimmings into an attached bag to save you the time of having to rake them into a pile. They also have mulching options to shred these clippings into tinier pieces so that they may be spread evenly across your yard. These are to be used as a protective layer that doubles as a fertilizer.

From these functions, we can see that while both machines primarily serve to clean your lawn, they carry on with their purposes differently.

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As to Power Source

Concerning the power source, both leaf vacuums and lawnmowers use either gas, electricity, or batteries. The choice as to which among the power sources you need would depend on how powerful you want the engine or motor to be.

Batteries are often used for small leaf vacuuming or lawn mowing jobs since it has enough juice to get through one cleaning session. On average, a battery-powered leaf vacuum can work for about two hours, while a battery-powered lawnmower can power through one-eighth of an acre.

For a seemingly unlimited power supply that can produce impressive performance, electric or corded machines will be your best friend. The only problem with this power source is that the area you can cover is limited to the length of the machine’s cord.

And finally, the most powerful would be those machines that are gas-powered. These are usually heavy machines because of the built-in tank that stores the fuel supply. As such, gas-powered leaf vacuums are harder to carry because of the added weight. Similarly, it would be harder to maneuver a heavy gas-powered lawnmower.

As to Ease of Use

As to the usability, we believe lawn mowers are easier to use. Since these are already built with wheels, it is easier to push this machine through your lawn to get the job done. Even with a heavier motor, the wheels help you get your engine smoothly from one point of the lawn to another. 

On the other hand, leaf vacuums for home use are either handheld or mounted on a backpack. If you’re using one with a larger motor, then it might be too heavy for your comfort.

While there are wheeled leaf vacuums, they are usually high-powered ones that are often used for clearing up larger areas like parks. This may not be the smartest choice for home use, especially since they’re usually more expensive.

As to Portability and Storage

Without a doubt, leaf vacuums are smaller in size compared to lawnmowers. This means that you can easily take them with you to clean other areas – especially since these only weigh at 15 pounds at most. Their slim design also poses no problem for storage purposes, so you know that you can safely tuck it away when not in use.

On the other hand, lawnmowers are incredibly bulky. The lightest lawnmower weighs at around 30 pounds, and that’s already twice the weight of heavier handheld leaf vacuums. This makes it difficult to transport.

Nevertheless, some newer lawnmower designs are featuring slimmer bodies and foldable handles. These make the storage process easier since it allows the mower to fold down to a tiny cube.


All things considered, we believe that both machines will perform at their best under different environments.

For example, we believe that owning a leaf vacuum would be the better choice if you don’t have a grassy lawn. This will help you clear it up easily since you don’t have any grass to mow.

On the other hand, a grassy lawn would need a lawnmower to keep it evenly trimmed, while its vacuum option can help clear up fallen leaves as you mow. Read more about the uses and benefits of a Lawn Mower.

Thus, there isn’t a better machine between these two. It all boils down to what you need at home, and then make a decision based on that.

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