How to Use a Dewalt Reciprocating Saw

Want to do all your demolition tasks on your own; a reciprocating saw will make it fun. A reciprocating saw has a blade that cuts through your desired material by moving back and forth. It can easily cut the nails, pipes, wood and tree branches. You can get the perfect cut with it due to its flexibility and blade. 

Different brands are offering reciprocating saws, and Dewalt is one of them. It designs reciprocating saws to meet all your cutting needs. You can even perform the most challenging job with its corded and cordless reciprocating saws.

Above all, it’s easy to use the Dewalt reciprocating saw. But if you’re using the Dewalt reciprocating saw and don’t know how to use it. Well, it’s not a big deal. You can quickly learn how to use a Dewalt reciprocating saw. So, Let’s start learning this magical tool.

Dewalt reciprocating saw

Why you need a reciprocating saw?

Before heading to learn Dewalt reciprocating saw use, you must know the Dewalt reciprocating saw’s importance. Further, you should know why and when you need a reciprocating saw. Actually, there are two main reasons for using a reciprocating saw.

  • First, with a reciprocating saw, you can easily access the areas where a large handsaw doesn’t get fit.
  • Secondly, the electrical compatibility of the reciprocating saw makes it easy to use.

Next, some of the common uses of Dewalt reciprocating saw are:

How To Use A Dewalt Reciprocating Saw

Dewalt reciprocating saw is a versatile saw that’s easy to use. There is nothing risky in its use. However, you need to be careful while inserting or changing the blade. Here are some necessary steps. Just follow them to use the Dewalt reciprocating saw correctly.

How to Use a Dewalt Reciprocating Saw: Video Instruction

1. Identify the Potential Hazard

While working at home or construction zone, safety should always be your priority. So, your first task should be to identify and remove all the hazards. Some of the potential risks and their solutions are:

  • Keep your corded reciprocating saw away from the area of the cut. Otherwise, you may confront a useless saw. Further, negligence can even cause electrocution. 
  • Clean your working area from any obstacles like cables, water, and debris. A little care and keen observation can save you from death. 
  • Turn off all the circuits while doing work with electrical surroundings. 
  • Wear some safety equipment to avoid accidents. 

2. Selecting and installing the blade

Follow the following steps to select a suitable blade and install it:

A. Remove the power cord and battery.

Just imagine, you’re installing Dewalt reciprocating saw blade, and forgot to remove the power cord. Isn’t that scary? So, to avoid such a situation, make sure your reciprocating saw is not connected to any power source.

  • If your reciprocating saw is corded, unplug it from any electrical source.
  • If your reciprocating saw is cordless, remove the battery pack by pressing a button at the bottom of the saw.
  • Never install a blade while it’s connected to any power source.

B. Select the Right Blade

You can never imagine using the reciprocating saw without blades. So, selecting the right blade is the most crucial step.

You’ve to select a different blade for your every cutting need. For instance, you should choose different Dewalt reciprocating saw blades for trees and metal cutting. Let’s see what cutting needs require which type of blade. 

  • For wood-cutting, choose a coarse or wood cutting blade. 
  • For plywood cutting, you can select a nail-cutting wood blade.
  • To cut through metals or pipes, choose a metal-cutting blade. 
  • Plaster cutting requires the blade with the coarsest tooth. 
  • To cut nail containing roofing material, it would be better to use wood and nail blade.

Pruning blades are the reciprocating saw blades for pruning trees. Just buy a Dewalt reciprocating saw blade set to meet all the above cutting needs. 

After discussing the blade types, here are some other points that you should keep in mind while choosing the reciprocating saw.

  • Choose 2–3 inches longer blade than material thickness.  
  • A 12-inch blade can prune trees and timbers.
  • Make sure the blade you’re choosing is sharp enough. Bimetal plates are stronger and faster. 

C. Install the Blade

The next step is to install or change the blade on Dewalt reciprocating saw. Do you know how to how to change the blade on Dewalt reciprocating saw? Well, it’s a simple process. Just follow these steps one by one. 

How to Install the Blade
  • Search a small lever button on the column side to unlock the chuck.
  • Keep holding it until you have rightly placed the blade. 
  • Position the saw tooth toward the handle.
  • Move the blunt ends of the blade into the slot located at the saw’s end. Do this while holding the button down. 
  • Release the lever when the blade is fixed in the saw. 
  • Make sure the blade is not pulling out of the chuck.


  • If you’re facing any issue in finding the chunk position, take help from the manual. Installing a blade with teeth point up can be a good option for floor plate cutting. 

Shoe Adjustment

Shoe adjustment is essential for blade stabilization and adjustments. The shoe will help you to have control over the reciprocating saw. 

  • Hold the shoe from the side while pressing buttons, and extend it carefully from the saw. 
  • Make sure, length of the blade is about 1 inch longer than the material thickness. 
  • Now, you can plug the saw into the power source. Or you can insert the battery pack for a cordless reciprocating saw. 

It’s not necessary to adjust the shoe for every cut. However, it can protect your blade. 

Start Cutting

how to cut meterial with dewalt reciprocating saw
How to cut meterial with dewalt reciprocating saw

Now, we’ve reached the stage where we can start cutting our desired material. To cut your material effectively, follow these steps one by one.

  • Draw a line on the material where you want to cut.
  • Use a C-clamp to fix your material in place.
  • Hold the Dewalt reciprocating saw front just behind the chuck.
  • Hold the handle with your dominant hand.
  • Never press the trigger unless you’re ready to cut.
  • Position the saw blade such that the shoe gets fixed against the surface of your material.
  • Cut in such a way that the blade doesn’t touch the material; otherwise, you can’t cut nicely. 
  • Press the trigger with your index finger. Your reciprocating saw will start moving back and forth. Hold the trigger until the saw attains its maximum speed. 
  • Now push the saw slowly along the cutting line. Further, try to move the reciprocating saw in a straight line to ensure a clean cut.
  • After you’re done with cutting, unplug the reciprocating saw from the power source. You can also remove the blade if you want. 


  • Try to hold the saw from the area where there is rubber insulation. It’ll prevent you from electric shock while cutting through the wall.
  • Try different cutting angles as it’ll allow faster cutting.

Final thoughts…!!

I hope this article has enough information to learn how to use a Dewalt reciprocating sawMake sure you are taking all the safety measures mentioned above. And you’re choosing the right blade according to your cutting needsMoreover, never forget to hold the saw with both hands to avoid kick backingIf you still face any issues, you can get the best guide from the Dewalt reciprocating saw manual. 

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