How to Make a Tower Garden?

how to make a tower garden

A tower garden helps you take advantage of every single foot of your land. People who like to eat fresh garden vegetables or like to grow flowers at home can make use of this idea. It is especially useful for people who have less space to practice home gardening. The base of the tower garden can be in the form of a bucket or pot that is made with terracotta material. Along the sides, wire meshes can cover the height of the tower garden. You can plant any seed or seedling that you like, and follow a maintenance routine to get maximum output.

How to make a tower garden?

If you are new to this concept and want to learn how to establish a tower garden at home, do not worry. We are here with every step that will help you learn about how to make a tower garden even in the smallest spaces. Go through every step so that you can set up a good system that will benefit you for a long time. Let us start with each point in detail so that you may understand everything from establishing it to maintenance. Also, you can follow this buyer’s guide of the best tower garden in 2021.

1. Build the Tower Garden

Fill Pot or Bucket with Stones

  • Purchase or collect the stones to add to the cylinder base.
  • Continue their addition until you see that the 1/3 portion is filled with them.
  • You can select the pot or bucket depending on the type of plants you chose to grow in them.
  • It could vary from as small as 16 inches to as large as something equal to a 10-gallon bucket.

Insert Wire Mesh

  • Maintain the perfect ratio between cylinder and container.
  • You can maintain it 1:2 to 1:3.
  • In this ratio, the longer length depicts the cylinder.
  • You have to ensure that the base of the cylinder is filled with stones.
  • Check it for any losses before you finally move to the next step.

Add Peat or Moss

  • Moss is added to cut down the water requirement of soil.
  • You can add5 to 7 cm of the layer into the cylinder. This makes it 2 to 3 inches high layer.
  • It will keep the soil moist for a longer time.

Layout Soil

  • Choose soil that is rich in nutrients and support plant growth.
  • Fill the cylinder up to 15 cm or 5 inches.
  • Put this layer above the moss.
  • Add more amount of moss into the cylinder when you start to grow more plants above it.

2. Add Plants

Select Variety of Plants

  • If now you know how to make a tower garden and establishes it, start choosing plants.
  • You can choose to grow all types of plants because this system supports all of them.
  • Try to grow a few larger pants at one time.
  • Edible plants can solve your diet problems, and flowers can add color.
tower garden making

Choose Base

  • Grow plants on the front side that need long photoperiod.
  • Pants that need a few hours of sunlight should grow in shade.
  • Unless you plant shade-loving plants, make a tower garden at a place that receives8-hour light.

Plant According to Height

  • Plant the small plants at the top.
  • Tall plants will go on the lower side so that they do not shade the smaller ones.
  • Understand how long each type of plant can grow, and then select the location accordingly.

Plant Seedling at Ideal Location

  • The location of seedlings should be perfect so that they can grow easily.
  • You have to place them below the depth of the seed so that their roots can establish in the soil.
  • In the end, add some extra number of amendments like compost and sphagnum moss.

Plant Seeds at Right Depth

  • Put the seeds into the tower garden soil through the mesh hole.
  • Choose the appropriate depth that is specific for each seed type.
  • Do not put sphagnum moss unless the seed starts to germinate.

3. Maintenance of Tower Garden

Water at Right Time

  • Water the tower garden plants every weak.
  • They need more water because of the more close and direct sun exposure.
  • Apply more than the usual amount if plants look dry, wilted, yellow, or crispy.
  • Stick a finger into the soil, if dry then add more water.

Add Compost Solution

  • Due to limited space for plants, they need more nutrients.
  • You have to spray them with compost solution to fulfill nutrient requirements.
  • Skip the water application after every week, and apply this solution instead.
  • You can also use worm casting tea for this purpose.

Observe Disease Symptoms

  • Try to keep a close eye on disease symptoms like yellowing, wilting, etc.
  • Diseases can spread very quickly to neighboring plants, so pick and remove immediately.

Check Pests and Weeds

  • Generally, there is a lot less weed and pest attack in tower gardens.
  • You have to check it two times each month for bugs and weeds.
  • Keep your self-updated about pests and weeds of plants that you are growing.
  • The research will help you better avoid them, or control the situation if there is an attack.

Practice Plant Rotation

  • After harvesting all plants of one season, clean the tower completely before the next sowing.
  • For the first time, grow plants that do not need too much maintenance.
  • Chose different plants in the next season to avoid pest, weed, and disease attacks.
  • Rotation makes the soil healthy and enriches nutrients.


We are sure that the above steps are more than enough for you to learn about how to make a tower garden. You have to keep one thing in mind that this task takes time, energy, and a lot of effort. You have to stay determined and optimistic about the process because sometimes it can get tiring. Keep the results and future ease in your mind, and give your best. Plan it first, share it with an expert, finalize the strategy, and then start working on it. You will thank us and yourself for this in the future.

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