How to Cut Zoysia Grass

If you want to have a beautiful lawn in your home, Zoysia grass is the best choice. It’s a warm-season grass that becomes active during the spring season. In contrast, it becomes dormant and brown in the fall. It’s one of the most-used grasses in the southern regions of the U.S.A.

It’s preferable to use Zosiya grass because of its heat tolerating ability. Further, it can also tolerate heavy foot traffic and drought. You’ll get a beautiful, dense, and blue-green lawn with Zoysia grass due to all these features. 

You can make the Zosiya first choice for your lawn depending on the area in which you live. For instance, it could be the best choice for transition and southern zones. Once you choose Zoysia, you don’t need to be much worried about its maintenance.

However, mowing Zoysia is essential for maintaining your lawn’s beauty. Do you know everything about how to cut Zoysia grass? If not, no need to worry, we’re here to guide you. 

How to Cut Zoysia Grass

How to Cut Zoysia Grass

Mowing Zoysia grass is a crucial step for maintaining the Zoysia grass. But, you might be curious how to cut Zoysia grass, when to cut and how often to cut the Zoysia grass. Well, we’ll provide you with an answer to all these questions in this section. Follow all these tips to have an attractive lawn.

Choose the Right Mower

  • Choose the one with enough horsepower for Zoysia grass.
  • Choose the one with sharp blades as dull blades turn the lawn yellow.
  • Choose a professional-grade reel mower or a standard rotary mower for Zoysia grass.

Tip: prefer touse a two-blade system and switch the blade after every six to eight cuttings. 

Cutting Height of Zoysia Grass

  • Mow to achieve the height of 1-2 inch or
  • Mow to 1 inch in April
  • It’s healthier for your lawn to have a little longer grass height in summer.


  • Don’t allow the grass to gain height above 2 inches. It’ll increase grass density and weed problems. 
  • Set the cutting height in the mower by placing it on the hard surface. Now measure the height between the blade and the surface. 

Mowing Frequency for Zoysia Grass

When it comes to the Zoysia grass mowing frequency, follow the following tips:

  • Once a week during the growing season.
  • Avoid mowing when the lawn is soggy.
  • Avoid mowing if the lawn is under stress. And increase the height until the lawn is free of any stress.

Zoysia Lawn Maintenance

The maintenance of Zoysia lawns depends on soil fertility. Further, it also depends on the heat intensity, season, or average rainfall. Let’s discuss some of the steps for maintaining your Zoysia lawn.

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Watering the Zoysia Grass

watering zoysia grass
Watering the Zoysia Grass

Watering is essential for the growth of any plant or herb. The Zoysia is the best lawn grass as it is drought tolerant and has fewer water requirements. The less water requirement is due to its deep root system. Let’s read this section carefully to know when and how often you should water your Zoysia lawn.

  • Water the Zoysia grass when there is no rain.
  • Watering your Zoysia lawn for up to 1 inch once a week is best.
  • No need for more water if the average rainfall is above 1 inch in a week.
  • Provide more water if nematodes parasitize the lawn. Actually, nematodes weaken the root system and increase water needs.
  • Avoid overwatering and runoff.
  • Never allow the lawn to dry during the winter season.


  • It’s best to water the Zoysia when it needs. For instance, water the Zoysia if the leaf blades are turning inward.
  • For newly grown grass, water early in the afternoon.
  • For fully grown turf grasses, water early in the morning. Check out our best grass cutting shoes list to see our favorites.

 Fertilizing the Zoysia Grass

Like water, Zoysia grass does not have much need for fertilizers. Extra use of fertilizers would not benefit the Zoysia. But, it’ll increase the maintenance requirements. For instance, it’ll increase thatch, making it difficult to mow. Further, you have to increase the mowing frequency.

Fertilizing the Zoysia Grass
 Fertilizing the Zoysia Grass
  • Use a fertilizer with 3:1:2 of N, P, and K.
  • In summer, fertilize every 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Use supplemental iron for improving the grass color.
  • Avoid fertilizing in winter. 

Tip: Don’t apply fertilizer to wet grass as it’llcause burning.

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Weed control in Zoysia Grass

Zoysia grass is naturally weed-resistant due to its dense growth. But, still, some weeds can grow in it.

  • Clover, dandelions, and crabgrass are some common weeds in Zoysia grass. So, don’t forget to use crabgrass killer for Zoysia grass. Or
  • You can also use any best pre-emergent for Zoysia grass to remove weeds. An example of such a pre-emergent herbicide is Pendimethalin.
  • Herbicide application in the early spring or autumn season can eliminate any hazardous weed. 
  • You can also contact the weed control center for assistance. 


  • Only use weeds that are labeled to use for Zoysia grass.Never use herbicide in the early growing season.

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Pest control in Zoysia Grass

Zoysia is susceptible to get infected by different insects, nematodes, fungus, and disease. All these pests can decrease the grass turf quality. 

Pest control in Zoysia Grass
  • The development of patches can develop due to fungus and overfertilized lawn. You can use a fungicide for Zoysia grass to get rid of these patches. 
  • Use carbaryl insecticide to kill insects. You can spread it over the grass evenly after rain. Avoid watering the lawn for two days after insecticide application. 

Thatch Removal in Zoysia Grass

Thatch development can restrict grass growth by restricting the roots developments. That’s why you need to remove thatch. Keep in mind the following tips while removing thatch.

Thatch removal in Zoysia lawn
Thatch Removal in Zoysia Grass


Having an aesthetic and beautiful lawn keeps you near nature. With Zoysia grass, you can feel this beauty in your lawn. Your duty is not just to grow your Zoysia grass. But, maintaining a Zoysia grass is also essential. Besides all other lawn maintenance steps, mowing Zoysia grass in your lawn is crucial.

And we’ve tried our best to provide you best knowledge about grass cutting. Just read this article thoroughly to learn how to cut Zoysia grass. I hope you’ll have no issue in maintaining your Zoysia grass lawn after reading this article. 

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