How Does a Drip Irrigation System Work?

Gardening has been an exciting activity to get busy and happy. It delights you when you see your plants growing healthy. For the growth of your plants, you must be careful with the method of watering.

As an effective method results in a lavish, beautiful, and attractive garden, therefore, you should use the best method of watering your garden. There are few irrigation systems: Surface Irrigation, Sprinkler Irrigation, Subsurface Irrigation and Drip Irrigation system. One of the effective and efficient ways of watering is drip irrigation system. You might be wondering, “How does drip irrigation work?”

How Does a Drip Irrigation System Work

The Efficiency Of The Drip Irrigation Method

Before knowing about how does a Drip irrigation work? You should know about what is a drip irrigation system?

The drip irrigation system is an effective method to supply a precise amount of water through tubing without wasting water, where it is required.

Irrigation is used on a massive scale, but it is an easy technique in home gardening. Mostly, it results in less cost than other methods of watering. The efficiency of Drip irrigation is approximately 90%, which is excellent! Here is a helpful buyer’s guide of the best drip irrigation system.

drip irrigation system

7 Primary Components: How Does a Drip Irrigation System Work?

As we know that drip irrigation is a useful technique for watering a garden. If we talk about the primary parts of the drip irrigation system; there are seven major parts:

1. Valve in Drip Irrigation:

The critical part of a drip irrigation system is Valve. The primary purpose of a valve is to manage and control the water flow. However, another technique is you can furnish it with a timer.

2. Filter Prevent Dust In Drip Irrigation Technique:

A filter is useful to prevent the stoppage of dust particles in the tube. The filter on the tubing is helpful for the clogging purpose.

3. Drip Irrigation Needs Pressure Regulator:

Generally, the water pressure at home is high, and it can damage the crops and plants. Therefore, a pressure regulator in Drip irritation serves best to control the pressure of water.

Using a pressure regulator, you can easily regulate pressure from high to low and vice versa.

4. Backflow Preventer Is Useful In Drip Irrigation:

Another essential component of a drip irrigation system is the backflow preventer. It is advantageous as it prevents the contaminated and clogged soil from moving to your drinking water supply.

5. Dripline And Drip Irrigation:

Dripline has an essential function to distribute water from the Valve to the plants. The dripline is connected to a pressure regulator to control the pressure of the water supply.

6. Function Of An Emitters In Drip Irrigation:

Either you say an emitter or a dripper; both give the same meaning. Here an emitter is used to discharge water to supply a well amount of water into the soil.

Some plant requires one emitter, while others may need more than one emitter. So the quantity of water supply may vary.

Therefore, the emitter handles water pressure in pounds/square in. The basic purpose is to supply a sufficient amount of water to all plants.

7. Purpose Of End Cap in Drip Irrigation System:

Endcap or a flush valve has a definite function to prevent wastage of water from a drip line. Sometimes, dust particles, sediments, or fungus build up in the tube. For thorough flushing of water, you need to remove the flush Valve at least every year.

5 Advantages: How is Drip Irrigation Efficient

Gardening and the beautiful plants are a result of stunning effort. People spend time in the garden to get their plants lush. Hence, drip irrigation is one of those efforts to bring fruitful outcomes.

The drip irrigation system has many advantages, but here we will discuss the top 5 benefits:

1. Water conservation By Drip Irrigation:

Compared with the sprinkler system, the drip irrigation system is more efficient in saving water to 50%. Moreover, it also controls the flow of the water supply.

2. Adaptability To Area Of Garden:

If you plan to expand your garden and plants, you can easily manage the Drip irrigation systems. This can be done using additional driplines and drip emitters in the tubing.

3. Drip Irrigation Provides Consistent Water Flow:

The top advantage of drip irrigation is that you can control the water flow using emitters.

With the help of an emitter, you can consistently supply the required amount of water to all plants.

4. Improved Plant Growth:

The plants depend on the supply of water. If the water supply is sufficient, the plant will grow healthy.

Otherwise, the plant gets damaged. A drip irrigation system supplies a consistent flow of water, which is suitable for ideal growth.

5. Drip Irrigation is Time Efficient:

Another useful technique that will help you in improved gardening is Programmable Timer.

You can furnish a timer with the system to automatically start the water supply when needed.

What is the Future Of Irrigation; The Drip Irrigation System

If we talk about agriculture and agricultural country, here comes the name of Italy first! Italy is the top agricultural country globally as it followed and implemented a drip irrigation system in 2011.

The irrigation method proved beneficial for Italy’s growth as it has an estimation of 4.3 billion Euros for the coming thirty years.

 We all are aware of the scarce resource of water in the world. There are chances that there will be no water if we used the same quantity as using now. We should adopt an efficient method of watering to save water with excellent production of plants.

In the World Water Development Report, it is stated that about 47% of the population of the world is facing scarce resources of water and will increase by 2030.

As we have discussed the advantages of a drip irrigation system, it is the most suitable watering method.

The drip irrigation method is useful for many reasons. One of the crucial reasons is that it stops the wastage of water and manage the water flow.

The Final Thought about Drip Irrigation System:

We have discussed what drip irrigation is and how does a drip irrigation system work. This article has developed a sound understanding of the importance of Drip irrigation with the advantages.

We can say that drip irrigation is the most efficient method of water supply to plants. This is because this method is highly useful in saving scarce resources of water to increase production.

Drip irrigation provides benefits for large scale production, but it is helpful in home gardening. We know the flow of water supply at home may fluctuate, but drip irrigation manages the flow.

Everything has some demerits; similarly, drip irrigation also has some disadvantages, worthless in front of the advantages.

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