Top 5 Sprinkler for Long Narrow Lawn

Sprinkler for Long Narrow Lawn review

Happiness is having a lawn that refreshes your mood in the midst of tough working days. But the real problem is the maintenance of the lawn or garden. Although every gardener or homeowner invests all his time and efforts to provide an adorable look to the garden.

However, most people are working for multiple hours to maintain their lives. This results in poor maintenance of lawns that could lead to wilting of plants with the passage of time. Therefore, a proper mowing and watering routine could save our oxygen generating plants.

So, if you’re a plant lover and want a lawn with glossy grass that could welcome you when you enter the home in an exhausting mood. Then, this review is here to provide you the easiest solution for watering your lawn.

The sprinkler is one of the best inventions that replaces spray guns and hoses. So, if you’re tired up by watering your lawn. Then, a sprinkle could perform this watering duty for you. But here’s a piece of great news that we’re providing you a list of the best sprinklers for long narrow lawn. So, you can get a high-quality sprinkler for your lawn.

However, a sprinkler is not only designed to save your valuable time. But, it could also provide a source of pleasure for your kids during hot summer days. Now, you can enjoy your weekend by investing your time in your favorite chores while assigning the watering task to sprinklers.

Let’s dive into the features of all products along with their pros and cons to select the best sprinkler for long narrow lawn.

Here’s our quick list of the top five sprinklers for different types of lawns ranging from narrow areas to small-sized lawns:

  1. Rain Bird 1804VAN Pop-Up Sprinkler: Best Overall
  2. Orbit 54071 Half Pop-Up Sprinkler Head: Best for Lower Water Pressure
  3. Toro 53814 Fixed-Spray: Best Reliable and Durable Sprinkler Head
  4. KORAM 4″ Pop-up Sprinkler Heads: Best Value for The Money
  5. K-Rain Pro-S 4″ Pop-Up Sprays: Best Heavy Duty

5 Best Sprinkler for Long Narrow Lawn: Reviewed

This review is going to introduce a list of best products after proper survey and research. So, you can invest wisely.

In order to know about complete details with all pros and cons, you can go through all product reviews. So, you can consciously decide about the best sprinkler for long narrow lawn.

1. Rain Bird 1804VAN Pop-Up Sprinkler

Rain Bird for long narrow lawn

If you’re looking for the best sprinkler for a small lawn or large lawn. Then, here’s a perfect solution for your search. Rainbird is one of our top products to amuse all passionate gardeners through its incredible performance.

Let us unveil all its surprising features. This pop-up sprinkler is well aware of its watering task. It functions perfectly by watering your narrow lawn in each corner. Moreover, this sprinkler is made of stainless steel. Its pop-up head could turn back to its base when it’s not in use due to the presence of stainless steel spring.

So, you need not worry about its durability. As it is highly durable and has the ability to bear extreme weather fluctuations without any effect on its performance.

Now, save your watering time and assign this task to your rainbird sprinkler. You will never regret your choice. Meanwhile, it will work flawlessly even during lower pressure to maintain the water needs of your lawn.

Product Features

All the extraordinary features of the Rainbird 1804VAN pop-up sprinkler are as follows:

  • Offers 4 inches pop-up height with unique nozzle combinations to water all your lawn plants and grass
  • Consist of a wiper seal to provide complete resistance against grit, pressure, and atmosphere
  • Highly durable due to the presence of UV resistance and rust-free manufacturing material
  • Easy to install within all types of soil by following simple steps for fixing perfectly
  • Provides two-piece  ratchet mechanism for nozzle adjustment
  • Ideal watering tool for small as well as large lawns

Product Specifications

  • The product dimensions are 19 x 10.75 x 4 inches
  • The weight of the product is 3.68 ounces
  • Its item model number is 1804VANS
  • Inlet size is 1/2-inch
  • The manufacturing material is plastic
  • Offers angle from zero to 360 degrees
  • Have spacing from 8 to 15ft
  • Provides pressure range from 15 to 70psi
  • Its flow rate is 0.50 GPM


  • Extremely easy to install
  • Provides effortless 360 degrees rotation
  • Durable and reliable


  • Hard to adjust

2. Orbit 54071 Half Pop-Up Sprinkler Head

Orbit Pop-Up Sprinkler Head

Thinking about buying a new sprinkler head because you accidentally mowed your previous one. Then, your struggle for the best sprinkler head for long narrow lawn will end here. Because Orbit 54071 half pop-up will work for your lawn maintenance.

Moreover, this sprinkler head will fulfill all the watering requirements of your lawn. This sprinkler head also contains a brass nozzle that helps in flow adjustment. Its ergonomic design is highly suitable for all narrow and small-sized lawns.

Furthermore, this is one of the best sprinkler heads for narrow strips. It is highly durable due to the presence of long-lasting manufacturing material. So, you can use this incredible watering tool for constant maintenance of your garden.

Now, say goodbye to all old hoses and spray guns and introduce this lawn saving tool that will preserve your lawn.

Product Features

Some exceptional features of orbit 54071 half pop-up sprinkler head are as follows:

  • This sprinkler head offers a half-circle spray pattern
  • Functions ideally for all small-sized lawns
  • Contains an adjustable flow screw to deliver water effectively
  • Works efficiently with shallow irrigation systems
  • Its manufacturing material contains brass to offer long-lasting services to your lawn

Product Specifications

  • Sprays 10 feet to 15 feet
  • Have 1 ¾ pop-up height
  • Contain ½ inch female threaded inlet
  • The product dimensions are 8 x 7 x 5 inches
  • Its weight is 7 pounds
  • The item model number is 54071
  • The manufacturing brand is the orbit


  • Highly durable due to the presence of brass rather than plastic sprinklers
  • Adjustable and easy to install
  • Provides constant water flow


  • Its massive gap between stem and body leads to leaking

3. Toro 53814 4-Inch Pop-Up Fixed-Spray

best sprinkler for small lawn

Striving to get the best sprinkler for narrow areas to fulfill all water requirements of your lawn? Toro 53814 pop-up fixed spray knows all your needs. So you can save your watering time and enjoy the beauty of nature while your sprinkler is doing your work. This option will work for all narrow and medium-sized lawns.

If you own a garden or lawn in a narrow area. Then, you have to choose a sprinkler that can water your lawn in a vertical manner. Meanwhile, you can fix this sprinkler easily in your lawn within no time.

Moreover, it also offers an adjustment of 360 degrees. Also, you can easily twist it whenever you want to change the direction. It ensures an uninterrupted flow of water even during lower pressure. So, you can water your precious plants to avoid their wilting.

Product Features

Here are some amazing features of Toro 53814 pop-up fixed spray:

  • Toro offers an ideal sprinkler for all medium-sized gardens and also suitable for irregular shaped gardens
  • Its ergonomic design has an adjustable pattern with an adjustment in 360 degrees
  • The manufacturing material has stainless steel to resist corrosion and offers complete resistance against UV
  • Highly recommended due to its ability to fix within every type of soil
  • A number of suitable nozzles are available

Product Specifications

  • The product dimensions are 2.06 x 2.06 x 6.83 inches
  • The weight of the product is 3.2 ounces
  • Its ASIN is B00D8NDD1Y
  • The item model number is 53814
  • The spray radius is 15 feet
  • Its manufacturing material is steel


  • Amazing spray pattern
  • Affordable option
  • Reliable and durable
  • Works perfectly during lower water pressure


  • Shipping price is more than the actual price for some countries

4. KORAM 4″ Pop-up Sprinkler Heads

sprinklers for narrow areas

If you’re deciding to replace your sprinkler to provide a better water source to your lawn. Then, Koram 4 inches pop-up sprinkler heads will be an excellent addition to your lawn maintaining tools.

Because a well mowed and refreshing lawn always boosts up the mood. Moreover, its high-quality material also offers durability and resistance against UV rays.

The most important feature of the KORAM pop-up sprinkle is its Rain Curtain Nozzle Technology. This rain technology will save your water by producing droplets repellent from the wind.

However, you can rotate and adjust this sprinkler more easily than other ordinary plastic sprinklers. So, get your hands on this one of the best sprinklers for flower beds to avail a lush green lawn.

Product Features

Some important features of the KORAM pop-up sprinkler head are as follows:

  • Offers 4 inches pop-up head to water your lawn
  • Ideal sprinkler head for all types of lawn either smaller or larger
  • Its gear-drive rotor irrigate all parts of the lawn evenly
  • Highly adjustable from 0 to 360 degrees according to your lawn needs
  • Kit contains four pop-up adjustable sprinkler heads
  • The manufacturing material contains durable and UV resistant plastic
  • Specifically designed with rain curtain technology to generate droplets evenly

Product Specifications

  • Inlet size is ½ inch
  • Body height is 6.3 inches
  • Pop-up height is 4 inches
  • The flow of water ranges from 300 to 1200L/H per sprinkle
  • The spray radius is 3 to 16 feet
  • Its spray diameter is 6 feet to 32 feet
  • The product dimensions are 9.49 x 7.48 x 1.85 inches
  • Its weight is 31.1 ounces
  • The item model number is P71143
  • Requires 30 to 35 psi pressure


  • Adjustable gear-drive rotor
  • Durable manufacturing material
  • Install without any difficulty


  • Does not work well for 180 degrees pattern

5. K-Rain Pro-S 4″ Professional Pop-Up Sprays- 6Pack

hose sprinkler for narrow strip

Planning to get the best sprinkler heads for narrow strips? Then, these mini creatures will look after your lawn. If you’re one of those people who wants a freshening lawn but unable to invest time in maintenance of the lawn. Then, you should consider this option before buying any other watering tool.

Because a durable and reliable watering tool will ease the maintenance process for you. K-Rain is providing all passionate gardeners with an amazing set of pop-up sprays. So, you can water your lawn easily. However, its wiper seal prevents it from leakage and could be retractable in all types of soils.

Meanwhile, its manufacturing material has durable UV and microbial resistant material to provide long-lasting services. Now, you can water your lawn within no time with the help of an amazing set of irrigation tools.

Product Features

Salient features of K-Rain Pro-S 4 inches pop-up spray are as follows:

  • Offers 4 inches of pop-up head
  • Have a wiper seal to resist water leaking
  • Functions perfectly even during low water pressure
  • Its cylindrical design is quite easy to use and clean
  • Allow all-female threaded nozzles
  • Made of high-quality UV and microbial resistant material

Product Specifications

  • The product dimensions are 8.4 x 7.4 x 3.6 inches
  • Its weight is 1.65 pound
  • ASIN is B07PY4CVL3


  • Easy to install
  • Available at a lower price with high-quality
  • Works perfectly


  • Leaks after a few months use

What to look for the best sprinkler for long narrow lawn?

If you want to avail a better option for your lawn. Then, our buying guide will probably help you to choose one of the best sprinklers for long narrow lawn. Consider the following factors before buying a sprinkler head:

1. Pop-up height

A sprinkler always works out with the help of its pop-up head. Firstly, you should consider pop-up height first which will help you for proper watering. If your lawn size is medium or narrow then up to 2 inches of pop-up height will work. But if you have a long strip of lawn then a sprinkler with 4 inches pop-up height will work perfectly.

2. Size of the lawn

Secondly, you have to keep your lawn size and shape in your mind before buying sprinklers for your lawn. Because a sprinkler is meant to water the whole lawn. So, choose a sprinkler according to your lawn area.

3. Arc of sprinkler

Always choose a sprinkler with an adjustable arc. So, you can easily adjust the arc according to your lawn requirements. Prefer to get a sprinkler with 0 to 360 degrees adjustable arc rather than only 360 degrees arc design.

4. Manufacturing Material

Most importantly, look for the manufacturing material of the sprinkler. Because your sprinkler has to bear all weather fluctuations. So, a durable sprinkler will work perfectly for the maintenance of the lawn. Mostly stainless steel, brass, and plastic sprinklers would be durable and reliable.

5. Spray Diameter

You should also consider the spray diameter of the sprinkler. There are a number of sprinklers that are using Rain curtain nozzle technology. So, they could water the lawn evenly.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sprinklers

Advantages of Sprinklers

  1. A right watering tool will water your whole lawn in a perfect manner. So, you can leave your lawn watering upon an irrigation tool as it’s mandatory for your lawn maintenance.
  2. There are a number of sprinklers that are suitable for small, narrow, and large-sized lawns to ease everyone’s life. A variety of designs are available that add to the aesthetics of your lawn.
  3. A perfect replacement to all old-style water guns or hoses that require a lot of time.
  4. Different types of sprinklers are available to suit all lawn needs. Types of sprinklers are rotating, oscillating, tripod, traveling, impact sprinklers, ground automatic sprinklers, and smart sprinklers.
  5. Sprinklers are meant to provide enough water for the proper growth of plants. Moreover, sprinklers could also act as a source of joy for kids during hot summer days.

Disadvantages of Sprinklers

  1. Sprinklers require an operating water system for a complete setup
  2. For sprinkler system, you need water free from debris and sand
  3. Requires a higher operating cost

FAQs on Sprinkler for Long Narrow Lawn

How can I water a long narrow strip of grass?

Setting your sprinkler between 40 and 360 degrees will help to water a long narrow strip of grass. If you have a narrow lawn. Then you can adjust your sprinkler between 40 to 60 degrees.

How deep a sprinkler head needs to be buried?

You have to understand the depth requirements of your sprinkler by going through a basic set of instructions. In most locations, you can dig up 8 to 12 inches to fix your sprinkler. This measurement will be from the top of the pipe to the surface.

What should be the distance between the two sprinklers?

The distance between the two sprinklers depends upon the size of your lawn. The minimum distance between two sprinklers should be at least six feet. The minimum distance from the walls should be more than four inches.

What is the standard size of pipe for a sprinkler system?

The standard size of a pipe for a sprinkler system lies between half to two inches in diameter (½ to 2).

Which method would increase water pressure?

An increase in the water pressure inside the pipe is possible by using a pipe with less diameter.

What is the average pressure value for sprinklers?

An average psi value for operating sprinklers lies between 30 to 50 pounds per square inch(PSI).

How many minutes should I water my lawn?

You should water your lawn for thirty minutes, three times every week. But water requirements could change during hot summer days.

Final Words

Seeking the best sprinkler for long narrow lawn is a challenging task in a market flooded with dozens of brands. But the right choice could be worth your purchase. So, if you’re in love with the lawn but can’t spend time on its proper maintenance.

Then, get your hands on a flawless sprinkler head to ease the watering of your lawn. Choosing the best product among a number of products is always a hard decision. But there’s nothing to worry about the best sprinkler heads.

Because we have already chosen a list of top-notch items for you. So, you can get your perfect watering tool within no time.

Hopefully, this review was helpful. Now, you can get the best sprinklers for your small-sized lawns, medium-sized lawns, narrow lawns, for flower beds from a single list.

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