7 Best Pot for Snake Plant

In recent years, there has been an increase in the demand for indoor plants. People are increasingly using trendy plants to decorate their homes and yards. Succulents, such as snake plants, are among the most demanding of these species.

Whether you are a plant lover or someone who wants to give their room a makeover with a small plant, snake plants are the best option for you. However, the ones available in grocery stores come with plain boring pots.

Here, we will review some of the top planter options so you can choose the best pot for snake plants from them!

7 Best Pots for Snake Plant: Reviews

There are several snake plant pots available in the market. Based on our study, we will briefly review the top-of-the-line solutions. These are the ones that will aid your plant’s growth.

1. Greenaholics White Ceramic Plant Pot

From Greenaholics, we have our first option that comes in a set of two beautiful ceramic pots. This is a multipurpose planter for snake plants that has a minimalistic design.

Now, the two pots included here come in two different sizes. While the larger one is almost 6 inches, the smaller one is about 4.7 inches. And, these are considered the best container for snake plants that can be used for planting different kinds of flowers, succulents, and herbs.

But they are ideal for snake plants if that is what you want them for. In fact, you can use just about any type of snake plant with these. Both of these planters now include drainage holes as well as rubber plugs. This allows you to drain the surplus water by removing the rubber plugs. However, this set doesn’t include saucers, so you might have to go out of your way to arrange those.


  • Comes in a set of two, having two different sizes
  • Has a minimalistic style for maximum exposure
  • Works with different kinds of plants, including herbs, flowers, and succulents like snake plants
  • Requires little maintenance and are very easy to clean


  • Doesn’t include drip trays


Although this set includes two different sized planters, they are both made and equipped with advanced features for easier water and maintenance. Besides, this is the perfect addition for a minimalist effect.

2. Greenaholics Beige White Ceramic Plant Pot

Now, we have another that is a lot like the first option. It has a minimalist design, too, but it comes at a slightly lower price. You should grab this set right away if you want a taste of Nordic overtones at home. Now, this set includes two pots, one is 5.9 inches, and the smaller one is 4.7 inches. And, these plant pots are beige in color with vintage partial glaze embellishments.

As for important features, these pots do include drainage holes for the water to pass. Unfortunately, they don’t come with drainage plates. As a result, purchasing a corkboard for a saucer is advised.


  • Made from high-quality ceramic, so it’s long-lasting and wear-resistant
  • Includes two different sized planters
  • Is a simple and classy addition for home and workplaces
  • Ideal for indoor planting situations


  • Doesn’t come with a drainage saucer, which makes watering inconvenient


Here’s another minimalistic plant set choice, which comprises pots that can accommodate a wide range of plants, herbs, and flowers. This is a good option if you want to add some green to your decor without going overboard.

3. HB Services 10-inch Self-Watering, Plant Pot

Up next, we have a unique option. Although this one is not as sleek and modern as the previous options, its mechanism is impeccable.
The brand’s proprietary design combines a built-in self-watering function into the pot’s structure. It features hollow legs that go deep further into the reservoir portion, allowing the ground to receive nutrients from the water organically whilst raising the plants from above.

So, its sensitive root structure does not receive excessive water. And, this reduces maintenance and prevents frequent issues with other plants.

Essentially, you will have a much more convenient time watering your plants with this plant pot.
Besides, it comes in a big size of 10 inches. So, if you want to combine two separate snake plants into one, this will work great.


  • Has a self-watering mechanism
  • Includes simple clip-on watering component for increased user convenience
  • Doesn’t get affected by the sun or leach chemical substances into the ground
  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor planting


  • Has a slightly rough finish


While it doesn’t have the sleekest design, it has a remarkable design that allows the self-watering of plants. This is the only self-watering pot for snake plants, and it is meant for those who don’t have the time to water their plants regularly.

4. LEEPES Jute Rope Plant Basket

Now, this is today’s multipurpose option for a plant pot. This isn’t exactly a plant pot. It is actually a basket where you can easily fit a 10-inch plant pot.

Basically, if you have an old snake plant or you just got a plain one from the grocery store, you can use this basket to give the pot a new look. This basket is made from jute and cotton-woven materials, which gives it a robust finish.

And, it has a beautiful back and beige geometric design that gives off a boho vibe. If that sketches with your aesthetic, this is well worth the money.

Besides, it can also be used as a storage basket for toys, clothes, or office supplies.


  • Has a super sturdy construction that makes it highly durable
  • Can be easily washed and reused
  • Costs much less than other options
  • Can be used as several other things, like a storage basket, or laundry basket


  • Can lose shape if kept folded for too long


This is a one-of-a-kind option with a boho vibe. It is the perfect alternative for you if you want something modern and attractive to cover over a regular old plastic pot from the grocery store.

5. The Next Gardener 5-Inch Ceramic Planter Plant Pot

Unlike the other options, this one comes with a unique geometric design. If you want a plant pot to give your room a makeover, this pot is definitely worth checking.

Designed in a 5-inch frame, this is the best size pot for snake plants. And, thanks to its exquisite design, you can put it anywhere in the house to instantly improve its appearance.

In addition to being a fashionable piece, it also has a number of useful qualities. Firstly, each of these pots includes a drainage hole and a saucer; these are two of the essential parts of plant pots.

Moreover, these pots are composed of strong clay and have a beautiful glazed finish. As a result, they are seamless, nontoxic, and beneficial to plant life.


  • Comes with essential parts, like a drainage hole and an unattached drainage plate
  • Includes soft pads at the bottom for secure placement
  • Compatible with all kinds of snake plants
  • Serves as a decorative piece
  • Can be used on any kind of surface, like desk, bookshelf, and window at both home and at workplaces


  • May be relatively heavier


This is the ideal decorative planter option for the home and work environment that in-cludes the necessary materials required for the plant to thrive and avoid potential cases of rotting or mildew formations.

6. Greenaholics Medium Plant Pot with Arched Bamboo Stand

From a recurring brand, this is one of the top options for today. It is a gorgeous plant pot that comes with all the necessary parts to help improve the growth of the plant.

This remarkable option comes with a black ceramic pot that has a marble pattern on the surface. And at the bottom, you will find a drainage hole for the water to exit efficiently.

In order to avoid any kind of messy situation, a silicone plug is also included in the package. Besides, there is an arched bamboo stand for the medium-sized pot. All you need is a small snake plant to get started, and you’ll be good to go.

Moreover, you can display these adaptable pots anywhere as the super sleek style will fit right in flawlessly at all places.

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  • Works as a perfect addition to small gardens or minimalist areas
  • Included all included parts like drainage hole and silicone plug
  • Offers additional parts like an arched bamboo stand as well
  • Available at a rather low price point


  • Includes a stand that may need sanding to sit securely on a surface


Here is an exceptional planter that can accommodate smaller snake plants. It has a classy design but the stand included may need additional work to set.

7. Costa Farms Snake, Sansevieria Planter with Live Indoor Plant

As for our final suggestion, we have this fantastic-looking alternative from Costa Farms that includes a snake plant.
Unlike other options, this one, in particular, is offered with a bright green snake plant. This is great if you are buying for the first time and don’t know where to start.

Now, this plant has rigid, straight, sword-like leaves with gold or silver edges, and it thrives under sunlight. So, you may simply set it near your window. However, you must ensure that it receives sufficient sunlight.

As for watering, you must water the soil when the upper fraction of inches seems dry. Maintenance is quite easy with one.


  • Includes a plant cultivated on a high-quality ground surface with slow-release fertilizer
  • Has rigid, erect, bright sword-like leaves
  • Comes with an eco-friendly pot that is made from recyclable material
  • Doesn’t cost much, considering it also includes the plant


  • Not suitable if you only want a plant pot


It includes a well-cultivated snake plant in a classy-looking pot. This one is for those of you who don’t already have a plant and don’t want to go to a nursery to pick one out.

Freuently Asked Questions

Can you plant two snake plants together?

Yes, you can combine two plants and plant them together. But you have to make sure you have the right size of the pot. The size of the pot must be two inches bigger than the combined size of the individual pots.

Do snake plants need deep pots?

No, you don’t need a deep container for snake plants because their roots are short and like to stay near the soil surface.

Is the snake plant considered succulent?

Succulents are a type of plant with water-storing leaves. These leaves are generally dense and plump in appearance, though they may vary depending on the species. Snake plants are a popular type of succulents, which are ideal for new plant enthusiasts.

Do all snake plants clean the air?

All snake plants, in general, clean the air. In fact, they perform admirably as air purifi-ers. These plants reliably eliminate harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, nitrogen ox-ides, and much more, according to studies, including ones conducted by NASA.

Do snake plants need sunlight?

Like all plants, snake plants also need sunlight. But indirect sunlight from your win-dow works sufficiently for these.

Final Words

We’ve attempted to present all the necessary information on snake plants and pots above. Now, you should be able to choose the best pot for snake plant based on our reviews of the top pots out there.

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