Best LED Light for 3×3 Grow Tent

LEDs are the most reliable lights that provide the perfect amount of light to the plants required for active growth phases. The plants go through different stages, and they need natural and synthetic things such as air, light, and water. Here the only thing is sunlight which is not available in the indoor plantation. So, you can use LEDs to boost the photosynthesis process of plants.

There are multiple types and sizes are available for the different sizes of grow tents for sufficient growth. Moreover, the plants also required blue, red, and multicolor light at the specific stage of development. So that we are recommending you the best LED grow light for 3×3 grow tent for better results.

Best LED Light for 3×3 Grow Tent Reviews

Quick view of our top 5 grow lights:

1. BESTVA DC Series Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

best Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Enclosed seedlings do not even grow well because they don’t get proper sunshine. However, there are many technological strategies to simulate sunlight. Fortunately, Best LED grow light has proven to provide focused frequencies and an ideal cultivation atmosphere.If you’re searching for the best lighting for developing weeds, tomatoes, and pepper, then the BESTVA DC series light is the right option for you.

In reality, it’s perfect for any indoor growing seedling. Besides, this fuel-efficient, rising light reduces energy by only using 185 watts. Now, you will effectively get an average output of around 600 watts Hp. Not even just that, although at the height of 24 inches.

BESTVA light has a signal strength of 5.1′ x 4.7′, which is excellent for seedlings with larger tracks. Besides that, the BESTVA light has outstanding cooling. Heat convective cooling increases through the aluminum panel openings. This ultra-powerful 1,000w LED light pump produces fewer resources, making your growing environment simple to handle. You can also get away with the light air conditioning system by using the LED.

Product Features:

  • Veg Area Coverage: 3 square ft. coverage at 32
  • It uses less energy and has no distracting noises.
  • It offers an equal output of 600w HPS and just 185w for usage.
  • It comes with a timer so you can schedule your plant growth cycles quickly.
  • It is a high-quality, long-lasting commodity of a trustworthy business. 
  • It operates at 50-60 Fahrenheit, unlike conventional lamps.
  • It is best for 1-6 plants.
  • Its dimensions are 12.2x 8.26 x 2.36 inches
  • It runs 70 percent less heat than the HID sun.
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Lifespan: 100,000 hours


  • Three years of warranties and a 30-day return guarantee
  • Ideal for seedling flowering
  • Total spectrum including UV and IR
  •  Reliable light rise producer


  • The light of Bestva is not insulated.
  • The full spectrum of the BESTVA light is incredibly bright and can damage your eyes if not shielded.

2. MARS HYDRO TS Led Grow Light

white led grow light

The Mars Hydro TS LED lights provide a sunlight range to ensure a great outcome in the quickest time frame. This heat spectrum was commonly expected to be greater than the single red or blue lighting. So, with this inexpensive LED grow light, you get maximum growth outcomes. You could save a tremendous amount of money in purchasing the right LED lights for development. This energy is just the same as natural sunlight for use every day and every night, ideal for all development stages.

You get a maximum of artificial light along with a variety of other colors, including UV and IR-radiation. The usable light, including the spectrum, is also another aspect that influences your plant’s growth. It is necessary to go for a model that provides the maximum light intensity to obtain the best possible output. The TS-1000 LED will emit a capacity of 590uMol and 400uMol at the peak and the edge, respectively.

Compared to other 3×3 led grow lights on the market that lose their strength on the sides, this model can retain its exceptional brightness in all operation fields. It’s made with a fan-less style. That way, you can rise and take care of your vegetables in silence without even any disturbance that infuriates your relaxed atmosphere.

Product Features:

  • Equivalent to a 400 watt HID system
  • The excellent output from a low power usage
  • The coverage for vegging is a bit larger at 3 by 5 feet
  • Best on the market and highly efficient
  • It is dimmable and can be removed from the fixture and placed outside your grow tent to keep the heat down
  • 4-5 years with no bulb changes
  • Modern Design Revised
  • Strong Effic
  • Light strength spread equally
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Low Costs
  • Fanless design
  • Accessible price
  • No Loud sounds


  • Power transfer is not available
  • Any complaint with the generation of heat

3. Exlenvce LED Grow Light

LED Grow Light for vegitable tent

With the 1200W LED, Daisy Chain supports various lamps together to control the environment temperature and eliminate its need for unnecessary insulation. Included with the power supply takes two forms.It could either be connected to the regular outlet and then into the Daisy Chain outlet of some other rising light. A standard 110/120VAC supply of a growing light will take about 2.0 Ampere.

We also suggest that you link no more than three lights per process to ensure protection. More lighting may be used in other chains of up to three rising lights each. The USB device can also be used for either power or daisy chain functions. So you shouldn’t need to purchase an additional cable for daisy-chaining. The mains adapter size is 5 feet. The reflecting characteristic of this 1200W LED grow light. Its 15W triple-chip LED configuration makes this lamp both more potent and more powerful. You might read: best grow light for the indoor citrus tree.

Product Features:

  • Designed with triple-chip feature
  • Added by Daisy chain outlet
  • The lighting system offers you a 4-year warranty and excellent customer service.
  • The best one for 4 to 8 plants and a 3 x 3 tent.
  • Whole-spectrum coverage


  • It is compatible with a 1.5-meter power cord capacity.
  • Give a lifetime of around 100,000 hours.


  • The cooling system is a little loud, but not that much.

4. Full Spectrum LED Grow Light by Skylaxy

best led grow light for seeding

Full-spectrum LED (light-emitting diode) lighting is to imitate direct daylight. It provides, as the title indicates, the full spectrum of light to flowers and vegetables that need optimum growth. This led grow light comes with a timing energy extender & 1 to 3 transformer. You can instantly connect one starter to 2 grow lights. The lamps will be turned on/off automatically every day at the same time as the device is mounted. 

It has a solid construction and is simple to set up wherever you want with the improved holding kits. Stylish modified lights offer more heat. Nice quickly spread 3*3 feet. Strongly advised hanging about 6-10 inches for seedlings. High-temperature evaporation nature and the fluorescent light doesn’t get hot or damage your flowers.

Great plant lighting for seedlings, hydroponics, growing, indoor farm and growing tents, etc. Come alongside Timed Power Cord and Connector, the ideal teammates for our 2pack led rising lights. At the same time, you can attach one tracker to two rising lamps.

Product Features:

  • The input voltage for this device is AC85-265V.
  • The frequency is about 50/60Hz
  •  It has dimension like 12.2”x12.2”x1.4″ (L x W x H)
  • Lifespan is more than 50000 hours.
  • The best working temperature is -20℃-50℃
  • It’s a low-weight commodity.
  • It comes with a timer that’s a plus point.


  • Updated grow led lights, offer more light
  • Excellent concept for heat dissipation
  • Ideal for seedlings


  • It is not insulated.

5. King Plus Double Chips LED Grow Light

Double Chips LED Grow Light for 3x3 tent

When it gets down to LED lights, you’re looking at three things: light stimulation, spectrum, and exposure at the right height. The King Plus 1500W LED Grow Light is probably more suited for growing rooms or growing tents under 4.5′ x 4.5. What distinguishes it from other low-priced LED Grow Lights is that it uses 10-watt chips to provide better and more powerful lighting. King Plus 1500W Double Chips LED Grow Light offers a full range of colors and, therefore, will enable your plants to grow much more than feasible.

King Plus 1500w LED has a pretty efficient coolant. It has three essential, necessary precautions in operation. These are the cooling fans, the glass openings, the screen, the container, and the aluminum heat pump. Quality LEDs, substance, totally separate VEG, BLOOM toggles, and system effectiveness all relate to the LED’s better quality of life. The average lifespan of King plus 15ow is about 100,000 hours.

Product Features:

  • The new 10W chips technology
  • Better penetration of the canopy
  •  Better Quality Durable Architecture
  • Dual switches for stage VEG and BLOOM
  • Proactive Customer Support Programs
  •  No additional ballast is required, plug and play
  • Power draw on the wall is 386 watts-Better harvest than we had with 400W HPS


  • Feels robust and made of high-quality materials
  • Easy plug-in and play
  • Remarkable light and light visibility
  • Energy-efficient
  • Incredible control of heat


  • Failed to exhaust fans-more about this below
  • Cannot link multiple units-no daisy chain across the growing space.

Buying Guide for 3×3 Tent Grow Light

Whenever you need help deciding on the best led grow light for 3×3 grow tent, you need to consider specific points. We plan to give you reliable information and expertise on how to choose LED light to grow. Many other variables need to be recognized.


To know the size of led light, what size of led light do you need, and for what purpose. First, you have to determine where you will set it, such as your grow space, to guide the tent size. Per square foot of grow room, you have to use a minimum of 50 watts of the led light. 

If you want a flood of light on your plants or doing professional farming, then, of course, you need a big grow space and more sunshine. Let me explain the calculation, length, and multiply the width of the grow space. Then multiply the number by 50W, giving the required wattage you need for your growing area.


The quality of led light is essential because plants have different relationships with light. All plants gain nutrition and growth from natural sunlight. Your crops need to spread the light across evenly distributed the dark and hot spots under-exposed or overexposed which PAR is available to plants. It also can negatively impact the overall quality of the harvest.

Light intensity:

For growing space, you need the right amount of light intensity for the plant’s growth stage. Sometimes on your plants, there is too much light or too low light intensity. Both are dangerous to your plant’s growth. For a 3×3 foot grow tent, you have to consider a 250-watt HPS grow light.

Tent Type:

The tent type matters a lot while setting the led lights for grow space. The tent type depends on your farming type, which you are going to carry out. There are two kinds of tents. one is a multi-chamber tent, and the other is a single chamber tent. If you want it for professional work, such as using it for different kinds of crops, go for a multi-chamber tent. Or, if you want one type of crop, then a single chamber tent is perfect.


The led light price is high; that’s why the growth through led light is expensive. The light cost is coming down, and the quality of light is going up. The light pricing range is $500 to $2000. The traditional HID setup is less expensive than the led light setup. For those who want to produce high quality with large amounts of yield doesn’t matter.


Most of the LED lights work without having any problem. But sometimes people complain that the fans got broken, LEDs go out, or the driver fails. Before investing money, check their warranty to not worry about LED lights’ upcoming problems. The manufacturer will take care of all of the issues. The range of LEDs warranty between 1 to 10 years, but most companies offer 3 and 5 years of warranty. Before buying, read all the warranty instructions of the manufacturer on their website.

FAQs on LED Grow Light for 3×3 Grow Tent:

What size LED light for 3×3 to grow tents?

All you’ll have to consider is that certain weed plants, significantly bigger ones, should get at least 2 x 2 feet of space, if not even more so that a 3 x 3 growing tent suits many plants. The lighting frequency and standardized coverage area of the fixtures seem to be the most significant factors. If you choose the incorrect growing light, your plants can’t generate to their best ability. The choices I list below fulfill those criteria to find out the best led grow light for 3×3 tent. 

The efficiency gains that producers can get in using LED lights rather than HID are around 38 percent. The led grow light for 3×3 tent would have different econometric techniques. Beneficial LED-growing lights are using fewer watts to produce the same amount of energy because less effective LED-growing light will create. However, as described above, power output is not the most reliable tool to determine how strong a rising light you need for a specific coverage area.

What is the equipment for a small cannabis growing room?

The cannabis which you are going to intend for plants is very important to learn. This will help you to understand the accumulated resources which you need. The type of which you will grow is also important to learn because there are two types of plant systems. The one is passive, and the other is active; the passive setup of planting is easy while the other activities are challenging. Let me explain the simple steps.

  1. Find some suitable space.
  2. Make your space light.
  3. In the setup, get good light coverage.
  4. Having a suitable air exchange.

How do I control the temperature in a 3×3 grow tent?

Whenever you find the tent is too cold, you have to buy a heater for the room. While if you find the temperature too hot, here I will suggest some tips.

  • Relocate the grow tent; you have to move the grow tent in your home’s coolest area, such as the basement or some open areas.
  • Air conditioners turn it on; if you don’t want to relocate their location, air condition. It’s easy for winter seasons just to open the tent window.
  • In the grow tent, add CO2; the addition of CO2 is also the easiest way to cool their temperature. Cannabis plants can endure higher than normal temperatures.
  • Iceboxes, making iceboxes are a little creative work, but it would work.

How to grow marijuana plants at home?

Giving your cannabis plants a combination of six resources I will explain will help you in growing healthy marijuana plants. If you want to grow anywhere, indoor or outdoor, these six resources are essential.

  • Lighting, some people use household LEDs that are not for this purpose, but it is good to feed plants. The LED grow light is especially for growing purposes. But if you have the natural sunlight, then you don’t need all this lightning set up.
  • Temperature is also a good rule for marijuana plants. If you feel hot, then the temperature is high for marijuana plants, or if you feel cool, then it is cold for them.
  • Fresh air, place it there, where the air exchange is perfect. You can setup a fan for better air circulation in your grow tent.
  • Growing medium, where you will grow the plant soil, isn’t the choice for you.
  • Water is an essential resource for all living things.
  • Plant nutrients; you can buy free nutrients and add them to the water.


LEDs are an essential device to provide a good output for indoor plantations. Modern research shows that the sun provides us with multiple spectrums to the plants. For a substitute for sunlight, we use LEDs with different spectrums for natural and productive growth.

Also, the intensity of the lights is variable for different stages of plants. Here we mention the best LED grow light for 3×3 tent. Also, describe a detailed buying guide. So you can pick up the LEDs as you need and perform a productive plantation. 

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