The Best Grow Lights for Orchids

I’ve been seeing my mom taking care of plants and flowers for years now. Her way of trying peculiar things amazes me. Now, I may not be an expert like her but I did learn few things from her.

With my expertise, I might be able to tell you which are the best grow lights for orchids; and yes, that’s what I’m focusing on today.

You may get surprised when I say that not all grow lights are compatible with orchids. Trust me as I say this, you’ll need more than 50 LEDs to make sure the photosynthesis goes well. And let’s not forget about the lifespan, here’s where most of them fail. Sometimes 360-degree lighting can be the best bet.

best Grow Lights for Orchids

Now, I may not be a grow light guy, but I’m pretty wise enough to list down the top 5 grow lights according to my priority. So if you’re here for a grow light, you might want to read the reviews a bit.

Quick List of Our Top Picks:

5 Best Grow Lights for Orchids Reviews

It’s important for a grow light to be perfectly functional, easy, and most of all, efficient. Guess what? That’s what you’re going to get from the reviews.

1. Bseah Indoor Grow Light for Orchids

Clip-On Full Spectrum Led Grow Lights

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Indeed a grow light can influence the growth of an orchid plant more than anything. So, keeping its importance in mind, team Bseah has come up with their unique LED Grow Light.

To meet the photosynthesis needs of your plant, the makers have filled this light with 60 Full-Spectrum LEDs. But to make them work better than ever, they’ve also added 8 dimmable lightness. So, clearly, whether it’s germination, bloom, or fruit-bearing, it can help in all.

In case you don’t like handling the on/off manually, with the Circular-Memory Timer you can put it in auto-timer mode. Now you decide if you want it for 3, 9, or 12 hours as there are three timing options.

Now let’s take a peek at the design. This PVC and aluminum-made construction can get you 360° lighting. Thanks to its rotatable bulbs backed by the flexible gooseneck. And if you need, you’re free to adjust the working lamp number too.

For stability, it has a solid clip with added anti-slip mat. On top of that, the adapter it comes with is so efficient that you don’t need to worry about short circuits at least.


  • 60 LEDs meets the photosynthesis need of plants
  • Auto-timer allows having three timing options
  • Solid clip maximizes the stability
  • Efficient adaptor eliminates the chance of short circuit
  • Flexible gooseneck helps with 360° lighting


  • Light can’t stand alone without the clip

2. Topsome LED Growing Lamp for Indoor Plants

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You don’t have a setup to put any growth lights on? Well, it seems team Topsome doesn’t think that’s necessary as their LED growth lamp has all the ability to get you better performance without needing any extra setup.

But before I tell how they’ll do it, let us tell you about its performance first. It comes with 80pcs of LEDs that you can adjust to different dimmable levels. Want to know the number of those brightness levels? Not 1, 2, or 3 but 10 of them!

On top of that, if you ever feel like you won’t be able to turn the light on or off after going out, the auto-on/off timer will be there to back you up. Now it’s on you which memory cycle you’re going to choose from 4, 8, and 12hrs.

Wait a minute! Am I missing something? Oh yes! The adjustable gooseneck. Thankfully, you won’t have to stay apart from all-way flexibility as it’s 360° bendable, which is going to be just perfect for your orchid plants.

Moreover, the metal clip it comes with will give you a rock-solid grip on the surface. Plus, due to the non-slip foam, the surface won’t even catch a scratch. By the way, it’s got both wire-connected and wireless controllers for keeping you in charge of every action.


  • 80 LEDs comes with 10 adjustable brightness level
  • Auto on/off timer gives 3 different memory cycles
  • Non-slip foam keeps the surface scratch-free
  • Adjustable goosenecks can move 360°


  • Cord length is not entirely satisfying



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Who doesn’t love to have a grow light for their orchid that can literally replace the sun for them? Guess what? The next one on my list – the LED Grow Light from VIPARSPECTRA is going to do something like that.

What sunlight does to a plant? It helps the plant grow in all the stages and maximize yield. That’s what this VIPARSPECTRA creation will do to your orchid and other plants with its optimal full-spectrum lighting.

Plus, this light is equally focused on safety along with efficiency, and the UL Certification is the proof. On top of that, with the fire-Resistant reflectors, the light penetration has got stronger than ever.

To ensure proper heat dissipation, the makers have added aluminum cooling heat sinks backed by high-speed fans. Besides, if you’re planning to add multiple lights, the daisy-chain feature will be there to pull that off.


  • Optimal full-spectrum lighting helps with maximizing growth
  • Got UL Certification for maximum safety
  • Fire-Resistant reflectors made light penetration stronger
  • High-speed fans keep the light cool
  • Daisy-chain feature allows using multiple lights


  • Fan is a bit noisy

4. CREATFLAME Full Spectrum LED Plant Light

CREATFLAME Full Spectrum LED Plant Light

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Day by day, the grow light makers are walking toward a bit more simplistic yet effective designs. It seems team CREATFLAME too wanted to try something like that, and their LED plant light is a clear indication of that.

If you, too, feel that having a full-spectrum light can make your plants grow better, then I bet you’re going to love it. Thanks to the 3 functions with blue & red spectrum, it can boost up the growth of a plant whether it’s in the germinal, blossom, or fruiting stage.

Like a cherry on the top, it also has an auto timer with 3 functions where you can set the time from 3, 9 to 12 hours. For pushing the convenience a bit higher, the makers have added a useful controller. With it, you can jump from one to other levels of brightness easily as it got 10 of them.

But the next feature is more awesome than that. No, we’re not talking about its 50000 hours lifespan. It’s the 360° rotatable design with flexible goosenecks. Now you don’t need to take the plant to the light but can take the light to the plant.


  • 3 functions for helping growth in different stages
  • Auto-timer has three different memory cycles
  • Controller to make all the actions easier
  • Comes with 10 adjustable brightness level
  • Has a lifespan of 50000 hours


  • Doesn’t have a stand to stay steady independently

5. ARKNOAH 1500W Led Grow Light

ARKNOAH 1500W Led Grow Light

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It’s time to wrap up my list with something a bit more high-end and professional. As you’ve seen on the headline, it’s the Led Grow Light from ARKNOAH.

This 1500W LED plant light comes with 150pcs dual-chips. So, the one thing you’ll have no shortage of is the maximum brightness and efficiency. But that doesn’t mean these big numbers made it a power-hungry tech. After all, all it consumes is just 220W (+/-5%) which makes it cost-effective and energy-saver.

For keeping this bad boy cool, the makers have given it powerful cooling fans. With these, the light cools down in no time without making a noise. And if you’re asking about the lifespan, then it’s 50,000 hours, which I guess is better than all those low-end lights.

But most importantly, the super-efficient spectrum output will give your orchid plants all the light they would’ve got from the sun in different growth stages.


  • 1500W LED light maximizes brightness and efficiency
  • Saves energy and cost by consuming 220W (+/-5%) only
  • Powerful cooling fans keep the light cool
  • Comes with a huge lifespan of 50,000 hours


  • Has no auto timer option

How to Get Orchids to Rebloom?

Who doesn’t love to see their favorite orchid rebloom? But unfortunately, you won’t be seeing that happening all the time. What to do then? Well, once you know how to get orchids to rebloom, that part is not going to be a problem anymore. There are a few steps you can follow to do that like:

Step – 1: Ensuring Sufficient Light

Every plant needs enough light to grow. It’s the same case when you’re trying to make your orchids rebloom. So, try to give the plants enough sunlight. If you’re in no position to do that, try using an orchid LED panel light or similar technology.

Step – 2: Watering the Orchid

Rather than over-watering the plant, let the water drain out on its own through the bottom and let the soil get dry. Repeat that after every 7-10 days.

Step – 3: Maintaining Temperature

To make the orchid bloom, you’ll have to make sure it’s getting the right room temperature. Depending on the kind, the orchids require different temperatures. Try to maintain that all the time.

Step – 4: Using Good Food

Plant food is too a very impactful aspect to consider while making the orchid rebloom. So, try using good food this time. Once you follow these steps, hopefully, you’ll be seeing your expected result in no time.

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How to grow big beautiful orchids under LED lights at home

FAQs on Growing Orchids Indoor

How many hours of light do orchids need?

If you start making the list of light-hungry plants, then orchids definitely will hit that list. They usually need 12-14 hours of light every day, and that’s in every season.

How much water do orchids need?

It’s better to water the orchid plants after every 7-10 days. The amount of water will depend on the current stage of the plant but make sure you’re drying it out by draining through the bottom.

Where is the best place to put an orchid?

If you’ve got an east or south-face window, then put it there. The problem with the western one is it’ll be too hot, and the northern one will be a bit too dark

How long do Orchids live?

Surprisingly, indoor orchid plants can live up to 10-15 years with the right care.

Final Words

Do you know what the similarity is between pets and orchid plants? They both need lots of care. But when you’ve got something like the best grow lights for orchids, that caring part gets much easier. As there’s a variety in them, too, you better focus on your prime needs while choosing one.

For example, if you want to get a longer memory cycle in the auto timer, the Topsome LED Growing Lamp can be a great choice. But if you’re asking for a Daisy-chain feature, then go with the VIPARSPECTRA LED Grow Light.

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