Best Grow Lights for African Violets

African violets are known all over the world for their colorful bloom all year round. Keep it and it will instantly add beautiful color to any room. Even during the darker months of constant winter, they’re known to bloom.

However, for that to happen you need to constantly take care of these delicate beauties. Once you get into the habit of this routine task you’ll find it quite easy to take care of them.

They require the right temperature, lights, and good feeding. Provide the best grow lights for African violets and you’ll see them blooming in no time.

In this article, we have reviewed 5 incredible products that are perfect for your favorite plants. Whether you have a small house or a large one, these grow lights will fit in any nook and cranny.

Best Grow Lights for African Violets Reviews

Here is the quick list of our top picks:

What Type of Grow Light Is Best for African Violets?

Unlike plants like cacti and sunflowers, African Violets actually require a lot of sunlight minus the intense heat for proper growth. For better understanding, know that a temperature of around 65 degrees Celsius is tolerable by such a plant.

Traditionally people have been using normal fluorescent lights for growing African Violets indoors. You could also opt for a combination of LED and fluorescent lights to complement each other. Fluorescent bulbs can provide heat to the plants during winter and LED bulbs can provide color spectrums for growth. Besides, grow lights with shades of either warm yellow or bright white are the most ideal for this kind of houseplant alternative.

5 Best Grow Lights for African Violets Reviews

Below, we have covered the good and not-so-good features of our top choices, along with their pros and cons. Let’s check them out!

1. Barrina T5 Full Spectrum African Violets Grow Light

Barrina T5 Full Spectrum African Violets Grow Light

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We suggest you go for these grow lights for a change if the traditional counter-top design doesn’t fancy you anymore. Chic, ergonomic, and flexible, these lights come in a pack of 4. However, you can find the model in a pack of 8 as well. Prices might vary, though. Note that our pick emits only white and yellow light.

This corded product has a length of 2 feet, so you can expect it to cover moderate ground at once. On top of that, there are about 200 LED lights on this baby! As a result, it consumes around 40 watts per day only.

Installation is also pretty easy and can be done without professional help. In fact, thanks to its super chic appearance, the lights can be installed on shelves as well! Decorate your bedroom with pretty houseplants, and keep them well-photosynthesized with this baby! The best feature of the Barrina grow light is how it can be controlled separately. As a matter of fact, you can place each light bar away from one another too.


  • Product comes with separate light sticks which you can install independently
  • Grow lights are very chic and easily blend in with the surroundings
  • 200 LED bulbs allow bright illumination at all times
  • White and yellow shades imitate natural sunlight seamlessly


  • We wish the product was available in size 6 feet as well since 2 feet can be too short, while 8 feet can be too long

2. Sondiko Auto Grow Light for African Violets

Auto Grow Light for African Violets

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The second product we have is this amazing grow light by Sondiko. This purple-colored product comes with a very flexible gooseneck design. As a result, you can stretch it out to whichever side you want with complete ease.

You will find the shade produced by this LED grow lamp to be called “polyvinyl chloride”. This is ideal for different types of plants, especially African Violets. Also, you can use this grow light for Orchids, Cacti, and other indoor flowering plants.

At the same time, you can expect this bad boy to keep operating for over 50,000 hours! This is thanks to the incredible 40 LED lights attached. Wavelengths on this product range from a minimum of 380nm to a maximum of 838nm in total.

Connected to the lamp is its handy controller. It comes with its automated on/off mode. You can also set timers on for periods of 3, 9, or 12 hours. The product will automatically turn itself off when the time limit has been reached.

Alongside that, the Circulation brightness mode will allow the light to rotate overall plants. This mode will circulate shades in turns of red, blue, and a combination of both at once.


  • Two large heads of 15 inches long can cover a wide area at once
  • There are 10 dimmable modes on this baby, which can circulate accordingly
  • Adjustable brightness allows plants to get an adequate amount of light
  • Product can operate for long hours on end, so that’s pretty ergonomic


  • Base of the grow light is not too sturdy, so it might topple over and fall

3. Miracle Absolute Daylight Flowering LED Grow Light

Miracle Absolute Daylight Flowering LED Grow Light

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If the previous model seemed too flashy for you, maybe you’d like to check out this simple and minimalistic grow light by Miracle LED. The product has a really traditional light-bulb appearance to it, so controlling will be no hassle at all. Thanks to its conventional construction, you can install this grow light for African violets and flower plants as well.

On top of that, the spectrum covered by this baby ranges from a minimum of 430nm to a broad one of 700nm. This means every plant will be equally doused in triple color lighting.

At the same time, red and blue colored synchronization makes sure chlorophyll is distributed properly throughout leaves. As a result, the plants receive proper pigments throughout the body.

You can actually find this product in other models as well. Our chosen pick emits a purple light, whereas the other models can be found in red, blue, and white as well. Besides, since it just needs 12Watts to power up, you’ll save lots of energy bills per year.


  • Instant operation results with efficient lighting
  • Purple lighting is effective in distributing chlorophyll throughout the leaves
  • A wide spectrum of lighting covers greater grounds
  • You can find the product in many different shades as well


  • We found the bulb to be short-lived

4. Gooseneck Grow Light for Flower Plants

Gooseneck Grow

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Similar to the Sondiko grow light that we reviewed first, this model also features an equally amazing gooseneck. However, the Semai model comes with four heads, instead of only one!

We love how each head comes with its own gooseneck structure, which makes the entire product really flexible. At the same time, there are 10 dimmable options on this beast as well.

The 3 different lighting modes will let you choose between shades of red, blue, and combination. We would suggest you go for the combination mode, as the slightly purple illumination works best to distribute chlorophyll through leaves.

At the same time, this baby also has its own automated on/off feature. You can also use the time to set illumination at periods of 3, 9, and 12 hours.

But let us be honest here. The base of this product might also be quite flimsy as the first Sondiko grows light. This is mainly due to the long gooseneck heads. It’d be better if you install the light permanently in one place with a few hooks and nails. Overall, Gooseneck grow light is one of the best grow light for african violets and other flowering plants on our list


  • 3 different lighting feature allows proper circulation of shades
  • Long gooseneck heads are flexible and cover every leaf
  • 80 LED lights are attached, which means bright and sustainable illumination
  • Memory settings will let you set a timer for 3 periods


  • Base is quite unstable, which can make the product topple over.

5. GHodec Dual Head Desk Clip Grow Light

5. GHodec Dual Head Desk Clip Grow Light

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Our last choice is this GHodec LED light in purple and yellow. This beautiful product comes with two gooseneck heads that you can pull out towards your plants. Go for this baby if you want the best indoor lights for African violets, but within a budget.

Unlike most of the other products reviewed on this list, the GHodec grow light has to be charged with a USB. This makes it very ergonomic and portable as well since you don’t have to rely on specific plug points for juicing.

On top of that, the shades are bright and cover a good ground too, thanks to the 44 LED bulbs attached. Similar to its predecessors, this model also comes with 10 dimmable options and 3 different light features.

You can go for either light pink, purple, or a warm white shade according to the germination process of your plants. At the same time, there is also a timer option for this baby.

Set the product on for periods of either 3, 9, or 12 hours at a stretch. The grow light will turn itself off once the time limit has been reached. Clip-on is also equipped in the package, so installation won’t take more than a few minutes.


  • Goosenecks are flexible, so they grow light can cover a wide area at once
  • Automated timer option turns product off at designated periods
  • Clip-ons are easy to install, thus letting you place the lights wherever you want
  • 660nm wavelength is ideal for germination and Chlorophyll distribution


  • Lights don’t operate independently, so you get only one shade at a time

Importance of Lighting for African Violets Indoors

The crucial necessity for the survival of African violets is the right amount of light. These flowers need indirect sunlight for their photosynthesis as opposed to direct sunlight as other flowers do.

You need to provide a specific range of light to these flowers in moderate quantities throughout the day. African violets tend to thrive in moderate and indirect sunlight or indoor lights.

If they’re exposed to direct sunlight or if the indoor light is too bright the plant, its leaves and the flowers could get burnt. You’ll notice brown spots on the leaves and flowers which is a form of necrosis or sunburn of plants. Besides, too much light could lead the leaves to curl down also.

On the other hand, insufficient light could also turn out to be harmful to African violets as well. When plants don’t receive enough light for their photosynthesis they become thin and produce blue-green leaves with long petioles.

Since African violets are known for needing indirect light, many mistakes this for needing no light at all. Many people think these flowers require the minimum amount of light to bloom and end up providing insufficient light.

But can the African violet plant live in low lightroom?

The answer is no and yes at the same time. If you don’t provide enough moderate level room light the leaves might become rangy and become elongated. The flower won’t bloom to its fullest and the color will have fainted,

Artificial lights have proven to be quite beneficial for African violets. You can successfully grow them under fluorescent or LED lights.

The main reason for using artificial lights inside the room is because you can control their angle, intensity, and brightness as per the plants’ needs.

So, how much light do African violets need?

Well, if you hang the lights 8 to 10 inches above the plants then providing between 5000 to 15000 lux of light will be sufficient for 10 to 12 hours per day.

Here, 1 lux = 1 lumen/square meter.

How to Care for African Violets Indoors?

For starters, place the plant on either a windowsill away from direct sunlight or on a high shelf. Make sure the pot has a good amount of fertilized soil in it too. You should ensure that the pot has drainage holes in it, too, since African Violets don’t do well in stagnant water.

Shallow pots are the best to house African Violets. Next, you want to ensure that there’s enough space between the plant and its friendly neighbors. This means placing different breeds away from each other.

A good distance should be approximately 6 inches away from one another. This will prevent crowding as well while allowing easy airflow throughout the pots. We have published a new article on the best fluorescent grow lights reviews last week. You can check it out.

6 Tips For Caring for African Violets

Buying Guide – Best Grow Lights for African Violets

When there are several alternatives to grow lights for your African violets, the choice to pick the best one can become pretty daunting. There becomes no other way in that situation to equip yourself with the knowledge that will help you make the decision easier.

Below are some of the key points to keep in mind while picking your grow light. These are the most important characteristics that must be present in them.

Light Type

Out of many types of lights that are used for growing purposes two stands above the rest; fluorescent and LED lights. Both of these two types can produce a full spectrum of lights that are necessary for plant growth, vegetation, and blooming.

Although both are quite good at the same level, LED lights to consume less energy than fluorescent. Besides, LED also doesn’t shatter easily, is long-lasting, doesn’t contain mercury, and doesn’t produce much heat. On the other hand, fluorescent lights are much cheaper.

Judging by these factors we can say that LED lights take the lead here. However, both types are highly beneficial for growing African violets indoors.


Natural light has a full spectrum of lights that has all colors of the rainbow. These lights are essential for the proper photosynthesis and the growth of all plant life. Even indirect sunlight also has this essential color spectrum. This is hard to replicate for artificial lights.

Therefore the artificial indoor glow light you choose must have at least two or three of those color spectrums. As for African violets, the most essential colors are blue and red. These two promote leaf and stem growth, help in carbohydrate protection and photosynthesis.

LED lights with the red and blue spectrum are therefore necessary to pick while buying.


In addition to color, the amount and intensity of the light provided also affect the plant’s health. Since African Violet thrives in low to moderate intensity light, if you happen to buy intense light they should be kept further away from the plants.

In all conditions, the light intensity should be between low to moderate.

FAQs – Growing Adrican Violets Indoor

How many hours of light do African Violets need?

African Violets need approximately 14-16 hours of bright light for good growth. At the same time, such plants can require 8-10 hours of total darkness as well. This is to produce flowers faster.

Can African Violets grow in low light?

No, this plant requires a lot of light to grow, so low lighting will only stunt its growth to a minimum. Also, flowers might be underdeveloped as well, without brightness.

What is the best fertilizer for African Violets?

African Violets require lots of phosphorous and low nitrogen levels to grow into beautiful and bright flowers. The best fertilizer on the market seems to be Jack’s Classic formula of 10-30-20.

How long do African Violets live?

This plant can live for as long as 50 years or more, but that only depends on how well it adapts to its environment. Human interference, such as displacement, can stunt its growth and reduce its longevity too. Potting and fertilizing play a huge role too.

How often do African Violets bloom?

You can expect the plant to bloom for almost the entire year, given that there’s immense sunlight and good heat regulation. The flowers can stay in bloom for around 3 weeks at most.

How Far Away Should LED Grow Lights be From African Violets?

As we said earlier when the light intensity increases the distance between it and the plants will also increase and vice versa. It is therefore important to mount the light at a proper distance from the lights. In general cases, this distance doesn’t exceed 18 to 20 inches above the African violets. But for miniature variants, the grow lights may need to be lowered to about 10 to 12 inches.

Final Words

To summarize this post, know that the best grow lights for African violets should come with a flexible neck, sturdy base, and ample brightness. Our top picks meet more or less all the requirements. However, the Barrina Grow Light T5, with its chic appearance and independent light sticks, is our most favorite! Get your hands on one of them, and unravel their magic yourself!

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