Best Grow Light for Indoor Citrus Trees

Nice, colorful citrus fruits give winter days a blast of sunshine. But not only are citrus fruits delicious and pleasant, but they’re also healthy for you as well.

The citrus group has a lot of variety such as Lemons, oranges, limes,  and grapefruit, as well as several other varieties, compose this class of fruits. They have a lot of health advantages, from increasing immunity to battling cancer.

We all know about the benefit of citrus fruits but did you think about growing a citrus tree in your garden or in your home? In our weather conditions those it is so difficult to grow a citrus tree but this modern technology brings out some advantageous features for you.

Best Grow Light for Indoor Citrus Trees Reviews

During hard winter is so tough to grow a citrus tree. Sunlight is one of the main components to grow a tree.  If you have the best grow light for indoor citrus trees, there is a huge possibility that you may keep well growth by getting alternative heat from there.

If you have decided to get grown light, then here we will provide you best grown light review for your indoor citrus tree. As there are multiple options in the markets and online, The wrong choice can be harmful for your lovable citrus tree.

Here We Have The List of The 5 Best Grow Light for Indoor Citrus Trees:

1. SANSI 24W LED Light Bulb for Citrus Trees

SANSI Grow Light Bulb

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The main reason for picking the SANSI 24W LED plant light bulb is the unique feature of mixed wavelength light. Yes, like many other grow lights, Sansi does not use red and blue chips in its construction. Instead, Sansi used a mixup of all wavelength lights ranging between 380-780nm.

Moreover, this grows light for lemon trees has a design that will provide distribution of uniform light. Moreover, the grow light also has a perfect proportion of spectrum. In this way, the grow light will distribute equal intensity of the light to every part of your plant.

Moreover, the Sansi grow lights are useful for the overall healthier and faster growth of your plant. You can feel the difference in plant growth in just two weeks. The Sansi grow light is for your home plants, and it will provide artificial light for their growth. It will help you to grow an indoor garden without worrying about sunlight.

The Sansi has a spectrum that is needed by your indoor plants in all their life cycles. For instance, the spectrum will help in the plant’s growth in germination, seedling, flowering, and fruiting, etc. The grow light has ceramic technology for excellent heat dissipation. Furthermore, to save energy, there are led chips, and the total lifetime of grow light is 30,000 hours.

Product Features:

  • There is no need for any lampshade when the SANSi grow light will direct all the light with the aim at the plant. In this way, there will be no loss of light.
  • The grow light can efficiently work with any standard E24 socket. Moreover, the process of an installment is easy because there is no need for any lamp-base tools.
  • The spectrum range is between 400-780nm. Moreover, the led lights have a whitish glow as a result of mixing all lights.
  • There is the use of ceramics led in this grow light instead of aluminum LEDs.
  • The aluminum LEDs are great for heat dissipation as the ceramic is non-conductive.
  • The grown light will produce light that is beneficial for your citrus tree at every stage of life.
  • The wattage of the grow light is 24w, and the input voltage is 90-132vas.
  • The lumenn flex is 1830ml.


  • Mixed wavelength light
  • Ceramic LEDs
  • Aimed light at the tree


  • The light may become hot.

2. Golden Trophy Indoor Plant Grow Light

Sunlike Bright Full Spectrum LED Grow Lamp

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If you want the best grow light for indoor citrus trees in an innovative and beautiful design, check the Golden trophy grow light. As we know, plants cannot survive without sunlight. But if you have a small apartment and there is no sunlight access, then the best grow lights for indoor plants are for you.

The grow light will help your plants to prepare their food by absorption of energy. For this reason, the best growth light is essential for your plant’s overall health. Here is the 50w grow light that has 96 light bulbs and two heads. The light stand of the light stand has led lights with 85-265V AC lights.

The wavelength of light is between 380-800nm. This grows light is perfect for the proper growth and health of your citrus tree. The dual head of the grow light has replaceable blue led grow light.

Product Features:

  • Here the 50 w grow light emits blue light of a wavelength of 400-520nm. This wavelength is necessary for the photosynthesis process of your plant.
  • The grow lamp will promote the cell growth and germination process at the early stage of your plant life.
  • The grow light has a red light of 610-720nm. This wavelength light is for the yield and fruiting of your plants.
  • The grow light has 150W HPS eco-friendly replacement.
  • Their grow light has the features of producing less heat with a heat dissipation system.
  • Moreover, the grow light is energy-saving and has a longer life span. The grow light is durable for up to 50.000 hours.
  • For easy access, there is an auto on/off option.


  • Longer life span
  • Heat dissipation system,
  • Eco-friendly replacement


  • The lights get hot quickly.

3. Dommia LED Grow Light for Lemon Tree

Grow Light with Stand

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For optimal growth of your indoor citrus trees, you need a Dommia floor lamp led grow light. As we know, how necessary are grow lights for indoor lemon trees? So to choose the best, the tripod floor design is one of the best recommendations.

The tripod design of the grow light will make you grow plants in any corner of your house. It is an extremely stable grow light, which height you can adjust by a flexible gooseneck. The height flexibility will help you adjust the height and angle of grow light at any point and any angle.

The grow light has a full spectrum that ensures a healthier and accelerated growth of your indoor plants. Moreover, there are lights in the spectrum that contribute to all the processes of plant growth. For instance, red light is suitable for photosynthesis. The blue light is for the healthier growth of your plants.

If we look at the material then, it has the sink made with aluminum. Aluminum is a non-conductive metal and will dissipate heat quickly. The benefit of the aluminum sink is you can use glowlight for a longer duration without a temperature rise. In this way, there will be no hazard to you and your indoor plants. Furthermore, these features also help in saving energy.

It is a perfect choice for your plants as they grow light has no drivers or fans. So there will be no noise in your indoor areas. The grow light can be used for plant shelves, plant stands, and plant hangers.


  • Well designed grow light for indoor plants
  • Full-spectrum
  • Aluminum materiel


  • No timer

4. Bozily LED Grow Lights for Citrus Trees

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Bozily is a trustworthy brand in the manufacturing industry of grow lights. The Bozily led grow light will work as 99% for your lemon, orange trees and prove itself one of the best grow light for indoor citrus trees. The grow light has a design that has no complication of installation. It is easy to use, grow light suitable with E26 and E27 sockets.

Another thing where you find it super functional is a sturdy clip. So you quickly move your plants from one place to another. Moreover, the grow light will take a little space. The design of the grow light re-innovate, and you can adjust the height of your grow light. In this way, you can use it for your different indoor plants.

Furthermore, there is the use of aluminum, which will save electricity and will produce less heat. The lifespan of the grow light is up to 50 000 hours.

Product Features:

  • The grow light has dimming bulbs of 10-25, 50-100 to meet with all the plant’s growth cycle. You can activate the grow light with a simple on/off option.
  • The spectrum of grow light is full, and it has a wavelength of 380-800nm.
  • The heat dissipation system is reliable by using aluminum material. So the grow light will save energy without increasing your electricity bills.
  • The dual head of the grow light has a flexible design. You can adjust the height and angle according to all your plants.
  • The product also has the easiest way to use, and there is no need for installation tools, etc.
  • Manufacturers offer a warranty of more than two years with the purchase of the product.


  • Aluminum materiel
  • Longer life span
  • Easy to install


  • Clamps are not so stable

5. Full Spectrum LED Plant Light With Timer

LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

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The grow light has a full spectrum from 380-800nm wavelength. The spectrum will provide your indoor citrus tree all the light that the plant required for its overall growth. The good thing about this product is it has a timer. The timer has a circular memory timer, and it will on/off automatically according to the setting.

You can adjust the setting for 12h, 6h, and 3 hr. This feature is a great plus for those who travel a lot. The timer settings will take care of plants’ health in your absence. There are three bulbs, and there are 315 led lights that provide an excellent brightness area for more indoor plants at the same time. In this way, it is excellent energy-efficient to grow light.

The gooseneck design is flexible and you rotate it at 360 degrees. It will help you to adjust the angle of grow light according to your plants. Moreover, the gooseneck material is a high-quality alloy material. If you are looking for the best grow light for 3×3 tent or 2-3 plants, this grows light would be the best option.

The grow light has 6levels of dimmable. You can go up to 100, 80, 60,40, 20, and 10. Moreover, the grow light has three light modes. The design of the tripod is also adjustable. So you can adjust it according to the height of your plant.

Product Features:

  • The grow light upgraded the design with more flexibility. So you can adjust the height and angle of the grow light at your desired point.
  • The grow light has immense power of 150 w, and there are a total of 315 LEDs.
  • Moreover, there is an auto on/off timer that will work according to the setting. You can adjust the setting for 3 hrs,6 hrs, and 12 hrs.
  • The grow light has a full spectrum light with three lamp modes and six dimmable modes.
  • The gooseneck and tripods are adjustable. The material of the gooseneck is aluminum, which dissipates heat quickly.


  • Flexible design
  • Great brightness area
  • timer


  • Pricey

Do you need a grow light for a citrus tree?

As oxygen is necessary for us, the same sunlight is necessary for the plant. If you live in an area with sunlight and heat, and your plants are getting maximum, then there is no need to grow light; however, if you live in an area where there is no sunlight and perpetual heat, then how will your plants get energy?

Moreover, if you have a small apartment and don’t have a yard, there is a need for the best growing light for indoor citrus trees. The grow lights will work as artificial sunlight and make plants do all their processes requiring sunlight.

How to Pick a Best Grow Light for Indoor Citrus Trees:

As I mentioned before, a wrong choice can make your plants ideas. For instance, when you will pick a grow light that will not fulfill your plants’ needs, they will die automatically. Furthermore, if you are a beginner who wants to start indoor planting, then you need to be more careful;

 As you have no experience, so you pick products with false advertisements. But here are some points that you should consider to make a happy purchase for you and your plants. Here we look at some essential factors to consider in a best grow light for indoor citrus trees.

Full-spectrum Light

Pick a grow light that has a full spectrum of light. A full spectrum of light means a light that has the light of all colors as the sun. All wavelength lights are necessary for the growth of a healthier plant. For example, all different lights have their own role for different processes in a plant.

With a full spectrum of light means, your plants will get artificial sunlight for every growth stage.


Grow lights with a timer also great if you want an automatic adjustment of light to your plants. With the timer, you can adjust the hours of lighting to your plants. The automatic timer will automatically get on and off for that particular duration for performing its function.

In this way, when you will be outside or at your office, your plants will get light automatically without waiting for you. This is a feature that is good for travelers and job persons.


It is also good to consider purchasing grow light for indoor trees with a beautiful design. As you will place this at your lounge or room or for indoor plants, it should look beautiful in your home. There are a lot of designs and colors for growing light these days.

The second thing that you should look at in the design of the grow light is flexibility. When you have a grow light with a flexible design, you can adjust the angle and height of it. This option is perfect for you if you have different kinds of indoor plants. This design will help you to set the height and angle of lighting according to your plants.

Life span

We always look for maximum durability for products that we buy. This is true for a grow light. There are grow lights that come with different periods of their lifespan. Lifespan duration gives us an estimation of how long they can light up our plants. There are different lifespans for every model.

If you have one plant and then you can buy a grow light with fewer life span hours. For instance, a grow light with 30,000 hrs as their lifespan. However, if you are the owner of more than one plant, then you can choose to grow lights that have a lifespan of up to 50,000.

Heat Dissipation System

If you don’t want a grow light, they get hotter; then you need to pick a grow light with a heat dissipation system. The dissipation of heat will save energy and be good for the overall health of your plants.

The heat dissipation system depends on the different types of material used in the construction. So you can say, here you need to look for the material of the grow light. We will recommend a grow light that has aluminum material. Aluminum is a non-conductive metal. It will play a significant role in heat dissipation as well as it is also suitable for durability.

FAQs on Growing Citrus Trees Indoor

Can citrus plants grow indoors?

Yes, you can grow a citrus plant indoor with the best grow light for indoor citrus trees. Having a citrus plant at home is just fun. It will increase the inner beauty of your home as well, and they have a lot of health benefits. Other than citrus, you can grow kumquat, tangerine, and small orange trees indoors.
For their remarkable growth, the daytime temperatures are around 64 degrees during the day. Moreover, the soil of growth should be organic. Furthermore, for their proper health, there is a need for proper cleaning cutting, etc.,

What kind of light do lemon trees require?

It depends on the type of lemon tree you have at your home. On average, a lemon tree required sunlight between 4-8 hours a day. If you have sunlight in your backyard, place it there. If not, you can use a grow light for a lemon tree while directing it at your plant.

Do indoor lemon trees lose their leaves?

Yes, they do as like any regular lemon tree in your yard. However, you need to pick a lemon that stays smaller for an indoor lemon tree and delivers lemons soon. You can say that the variety of lemons with fruit-bearing ability while keeping the tree small. The reason is, you can’t grow a larger tree at your indoor.

Are coffee grounds good for a lemon tree?

Coffee grounds have an acidic flavor to do well for the growth of a lemon tree. You can use coffee grounds for the faster and healthier of your lemon. However, as we know, acidic Ph of coffee grounds. So it is necessary to stay regular with their use. If you use excess coffee grounds, they can cause the soil to become acidic, which is not best for a lemon tree’s growth. The usual range of Ph should be 6.5.

Is vinegar good for a lemon tree?

If you want a more healthy ecosystem for the soil that encourages healthy soil with normal Ph, you can use vinegar. For this, you can water your lemon tree half or ¼ proportion of vinegar with a gallon of water.


So if you have decided to grow a lemon tree or any of the citrus trees, your area has the least sunlight or a little apartment. The technology has a solution to this problem in the form of a grow light for indoor trees. Your plants can get artificial light from such grow light and grow. The grow lights are not so new to the market. So always try to pick a grow light for indoor citrus trees that have advanced features. Always make sure of the safety of your plant.

Now the choice is all yours, and you can go with any of our five best recommended grow lights for lemon, orange and grapefruit trees. We assure you that you will find all products highly functional and beneficial for your indoor plants.

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